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    This program is delivered in conjunction with ASTRA Group Services Pty Ltd, Registered Training Organisation (RTO) #31544


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    I acknowledge that ASTRA Group Services has RTO requirements that involve the collection of my personal details for the purpose of mandatory reporting, as per the requirements of the National VET Framework and I have read and understood the ASTRA Fees and Charges policy. I understand that personal information will only be used in a confidential and anonymous manner. I also understand that any information about my rights and responsibilities as a student of ASTRA Group Services is available via the ASTRA Group Services website and Student Handbook. I also understand that in signing this Enrolment Form that I am consenting to the release of my Statement of Attainment/Qualification to my current employer, should they be funding this training.

    Important RTO Information

    WHS and Training Compliance Solutions is an authorized and registered partner of ASTRA. As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) accredited by ASQA, ASTRA Group Services undertakes quality competency-based training that is informative, educational, practically oriented and benefits students in their field of work. We operate under strict compliance requirements have guidelines and policies in place that we recommend students familiarise themselves with prior to commencing their training. Additional information is outlined in the ASTRA Student Handbook. For further information, you can consult your trainer/assessor or an ASTRA representative at any point for support.

    An electronic copy of the ASTRA Student Handbook is available on our website (insert link) or emailed. If you would like a hard copy, please request this with your Trainer/Assessor to arrange a copy posted to your address. Please contact ASTRA on 07 3205 0600 or training@astragroup.com.au for any further details in regards to nationally recognised training and support options as a student.