Stress management is the capability to preserve control when circumstances, people or events make too many requests or strains on you. Everyone has different mechanisms for deal with stress.

What is stress?

Stress is a state of emotional or mental tension. It is a gap connecting individual’s coping skills and the strains of the environment. Stress is a strong reaction to pressures or to the cicumstances that require higher energy levels to help you to deal with. Situations that are unaccustomed and adverse challenges increase our level of stress.

We all experience stress, and unconsciously recognise what it is. Research has shown that stress is a significant contributing factor to physical and psychological illnesses. It also fast-tracks the ageing process. It can impact you negatively career, disrupt your social and personal life.


Positive and negative stress is a continuous influence on all of our lives. The aim is to maximise the positive stress and to minimise the negative stress. You will be shown how stress can be positive and negative, and you will learn the 4 A approach.

The Online Stress Management  training will give you techniques for focusing stressful situations. You will also learn utilising your personal skills, including using routines, relaxation techniques, and a stress diary. You will also learn to recognise what lifestyle elements you can modify to lessen the effects of stress.

Duration:   This course has the duration of 120 minutes

Learning Method: Online Self-Learning

Cost: $90

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of online stress management training you will achieve the knowledge to:

  • Recognise the best method to a stressful situation (Alter, Avoid, Adopt or Accept)
  • Comprehend what lifestyle elements you can modify to reduce stress
  • Practice routines to reduce stress
  • Utilise environmental and physical relaxation techniques
  • Better cope with major events
  • Use a stress diary to identify stressors and create a plan to reduce or diminsh them

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