Online Private and Group English Language Tutoring


The English language persists as the predominantly used language in international relations and global business communication. Wherever you are in the world, there sure has been a time when you felt bound to make a good impression with your English speaking skills whether be it in school or work. We can’t blame you! English language use is often considered as the hallmark of competence in many industries. That’s why if you’re here reading this post now, we’re guessing you’re looking for ways to take your skills to the next level.


Our English speaking training program at WHS & Training Compliance Solutions is an interactive private coaching via Zoom with a talented instructor. The virtual training can be held in groups of three or one-on-one, depending on which set-up you learn best in or feel more comfortable attending. You also have the option to choose how long you want each session to last. We have 3 coaching sessions, each of which can either be a 30 minutes. This makes our online classes accessible to people of different working budgets.

 Course Fees: 3 Private or Group tutoring 30 minutes $346

Instructor Profile – Nicole Madeley



My passion for teaching, love of learning and pure joy being around young people, can be traced back to my pre-teaching days.  Whether it was reading stories to or playing games with my younger cousins. My thirst for knowledge, desire to pass that knowledge on and appreciation of spending time with children, this passion has only grown and strengthened since entering the world of education 13 years ago.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with students from Prep to Year 10 and have a strong love for all things literacy.


I am an educator and private tutor.  I am also a self-published children’s author, which has been an absolute career highlight. My book series which is still evolving, has undoubtedly been one of my greatest achievements.  Sharing the joy of stories and the land of make believe, is one of my greatest pleasures and I look forward to reading my future publications to more generations for many years to come.


Teaching English as a Second Language, is the next chapter in my teaching journey and another career highlight.  My wealth of experience with all year levels, has granted me both the knowledge and ability to work with people of all ages and nationalities.  I’m committed to education and tutoring and do so with a sense of humour and kindness.   My patient and understanding nature and approach allow my students to learn at their own pace. Advancing when their ready with confidence and assurance, my students complete their program with courage and assurance to take what they’ve learnt out into both their personal and professional worlds.


To learn more about this service offering, call 07 5499 2406 or email us your available dates. 


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