Mar 06

Health and Safety Representatives Training Queensland

Currently, in Queensland Health and Safety Representatives does not need any experience or special qualifications but is entitled to attend a training course approved by WHSQ.

Starting from 1 July 2018, all Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs) in Queensland must undertake the relevant approved training course within six months of their election. Existing HSRs will have six months from 1 July 2018 to undertake this training. If a worker refuses to undertake the training within the time period, they will no longer be eligible to fulfill the role of HSR and will need to be replaced.

The workforce in all areas of Queensland is becoming increasingly diverse in language, culture, and education. Many workers have limited English language skills, educational attainment, and literacy. And quite often elected HSRs don’t want to attend a classroom training due to the literacy, numeracy and language barriers. (And let’s admit it, it is WHS training! It is full of jargons, complex wording, and most of the time is boring)

I understand and recognise these barriers and support our learners during their training, to ensure the HSR training is effective, learners enjoy WHS training, participates, and gains new skills apply in the workplace.

Some of the techniques, I utilise are:

· Explain fully and repeat important points several times;
· Choose the simplest words and avoid technical jargon;
· Encourage participation;
· Have learners practice new skills during the training session;
· Use feedback to confirm comprehension;
· Allow extra time for questions.

If you have any questions in relation to HSR training contact me.