Dec 19

Stop Before You Start

How often have you taken the time to just stop and think before doing a task? I know boats, I’ve done the job a thousand times, I could do the job blind folded, I’ve been here for years and never had an accident. Have you heard this, or do you know someone like this?
Have you heard of a “Stop Before You Start (SBYS)”? Before commencing a job, a SBYS can be used to identify how the task is to be carried out, where the risk is, and what the risk is, to health, safety and the environment, can identify controls for these risks and describe how controls will be implemented.
A SBYS can be documented but can also be mental. Just taking the time to stop and think about your task before starting can make all the difference. Ask yourself what has changed about the task I am doing, and do I fully understand what the job entails, can I do the job safely, do I have the correct equipment and PPE to do my job, do I know what the safety procedures are, have I identified where the danger is, and is everyone appropriately trained. If I am working in a team, have they done a SBYS, and do they understand their responsibilities?
Stopping to ask yourself and your team these types of questions before stating a task, could be that one thing that saves you or your team mates from disaster.
Cheers, Nick.
EHS Advisor.