Onsite CALM Suicide Prevention Training Courses: What is it?


By taking a short, practical course, you can help reduce suicide in Australia. Our content is suitable for caregivers, counsellors, support workers, and members of the community and family. At WHS and Training Compliance Solutions, our mission is to provide practical, informative, and helpful CALM suicide prevention training Brisbane or Townsville. We want course participants to be aware of suicide and know what to say and do when they encounter someone who needs support. As a result, we are providing suicide prevention programs that are accessible through the internet and in-person workshops that are easy to access.
Onsite Suicide Prevention Training

WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd, offers Onsite CALM suicide prevention training, Australia. Our training is interesting, useful, and informative. It is our goal to coach course participants on how to respond when they encounter someone who needs assistance with suicide.

Therefore, we provide onsite and  online suicide prevention programs and workshops that are easily accessed by anyone.

There is a brief, practical course you can take that can help reduce suicide in Australia. In addition to caregivers, counsellors, support workers, and members of the public, our content is also suitable for professionals.

Discover how you can prevent, intervene, and raise suicide awareness.

The Onsite Calm Suicide Prevention Training | Australia | 1 day program

Discover ways of preventing suicide, understanding it, and dealing with it. As part of the CALM Conversations educational program, people do their best to reduce stigma, improve help-seeking, and save lives by having a "CALM conversation" about suicide.

It enables you to recognize and address suicide risks, help someone develop a plan of action that will meet their needs, and assist in finding other resources.

In addition to honouring each individual's differences, there is a positive, respectful, and inclusive environment that caters to their cultural needs.

The CALM program provides participants with the following opportunities:

  •         Suicide warning signs: identifying them
  •         Engage in positive communication
  •         Listen attentively and with an open mind
  •         Develop a safety and strength plan

Is a workshop a one-day event?

In order to complete the training, you can choose either face-to-face training that lasts one day, or you can choose virtual training that lasts two half-days.

CALM Suicide Prevention Onsite Training Australia information and resources:

  • Look for these signs when someone is considering suicide.
  • How and when to ask about suicide.
  • Helping someone by understanding their worries and stressors is the most effective way to help them.
  • Making sure that the individual stays safe and strong by developing a safety plan.
  • Individuals are empowered when they take charge of their own lives and develop a sense of self-confidence.
  • The prevention of suicide requires identifying other options.
  • Developing a safety plan and establishing support systems.

A 1-DAY Calm Suicide Prevention Onsite Training Australia Includes What?

  • A CALM method tailored to this situation. A four-stage intervention process is provided.
  • The workbook is 24 pages long (24 pages).
  • You will learn skills and knowledge to help you through the conversation. In addition to national helplines, you can find websites and helplines that can provide assistance.
  • People are supported during interventions with the "Calm" app.
  • By using the "Be Safe" worksheet or app. A safety plan can be created and recorded using this app or worksheet.
  • The wallet cards. Offers prompts and guidance to help guide intervention.
  • Offering you resources for learning and growth.
  • A printed attendance certificate.

    An evidence-based therapeutic approach is used in the Calm Suicide Prevention Training Australia, an Australian suicide prevention course based on research.

    It is presented by a CALM trainer who is fully certified and qualified to conduct it. Through WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd, we provide 1-day Calm Suicide prevention onsite training in Australia to all industries and sectors. For more information, contact us.

    Across the community, we deliver training programs that are based on evidence and suitable for everyone. We may be able to save a life by recognizing the signs of someone suffering from mental illness or thinking about suicide.

    Discover how you can intervene with suicide using the CALM model. The first step to prevention is to recognize warning signs. Next, we address how we can help them understand, clarify, and find further help by reaching out to them.

    Onsite CALM suicide prevention training, we are offering you the opportunity to register your workplace and attend. For more information, please contact our office or register online

Onsite CALM Suicide Prevention Training delivered to your organisation's employees at your site or at another location of your choice.

Our course is Practical, Realistic and Hands on Training Program goal is to increase your organisations Production, Safety and Culture well into the future.

With us, you'll have a partner for everything training-related. WHS and Training Compliance Solutions works with your business to design and deliver CALM suicide prevention training and other courses that are to specific and deliver more than expected.

 All our courses include hand-on content relevant to your industry specific organisational needs, that will look and feel like your business.

We are a specialised training company training businesses for psychological hazards, and go the extra mile to make sure the production, safety, and culture of your company is at its best.

We deliver Onsite Training to Australian businesses, train your employees - dynamic way.

We are happy to bring training to you anywhere in Australia. The expenses associated with interstate training will include travel, accommodation, and living expenses for the trainer. Our trainers are experienced and very passionate about the level of training they provide. We sincerely hope our website gives you an adequate overview of Asset Training as well as the types of training we can deliver for you.

Lets discuss how we can help your onsite training | Australia.

Passionate about decreasing psychological hazards within a workplace, to improve employee welfare and business productivity. Nevertheless, we provide high quality training with genuine outcomes.

Sebnem Bulan-Worth founded WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd to provide suicide prevention onsite training | Australia with high quality, client responsive training solutions that meet standards in all respects.

WHS and Training Compliance Solutions is a specialised training organisation, and able to provide onsite training | Australia.


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