4 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from WHSMS Audit

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4 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from WHSMS Audit

Work Health and Safety Management System (WHSMS) is a systems-based initiative used to minimise injurious incidents and health issues caused by prolonged exposure to work-related hazards.

WHSMS Audit, on the other hand, is the process of detecting flaws in WHS processes and implementation, such that it is brought to the employer’s attention and resolved with the best interest of the stakeholders in mind. WHSMS Audit comes with its own set of benefits. Below, we listed four of its upsides:

Ensuring legal compliance. Safety is non-negotiable. Perhaps, this is why there are workplace safety laws in place requiring persons conducting business or undertaking or PCBUs to protect the welfare of employees while they carry out tasks for the business. WHS audit will help you meet these standards by identifying health and safety risks among systems, policies, practices, and documented incidents.

Improving the overall experience of workers. Workers are the lifeblood of any organisation. Thus, it’s only right that their comfort and safety are prioritised in WHS audits. One effective way to do this is through employee consultations. Workstations are also inspected for potential risks as well as compliance with WHS standards. The goal of this is to assure workers that you care about their safety and motivate them to be more engaged in WHS concerns.

Reduced injury compensation costs. Of course, like any other effort to heighten workplace safety, WHS audit reduces injury and in extension, the cost of compensation for injurious accidents. This key result area mainly benefits the business as it increases the margin of profit. However, it has implications on workers’ satisfaction, too. Given that productivity is expected in an environment where safety is given the highest priority, WHS audits thus help raise employee morale and job satisfaction. It’s a win for all stakeholders!

Better company reputation. An organisation that’s known for its compliance to work health and safety standards forms new partnerships easier. Why? It’s because they give an assurance that they are safe to do business with. They are also likely to attract competent employees and loyal customers. WHS audit indirectly brings these benefits by keeping you informed of your WHS management flaws and prompting you to take immediate action.

True dedication to work safety doesn’t end with implementation. Maintenance of WHS protocols is key to lasting and more sustainable outcomes. WHSMS audit gives you a chance to keep track of your work safety measures and address its problem areas before complications occur.

WHSMS is not a walk in the park. You would probably cover more ground and get quicker results when you seek the help of a competent audit team. WHS & Training Compliance Solutions is backed by talented assessors who can lend you a hand in inspecting faulty WHS procedures, as well as developing policies that match your organisation’s needs.

Let’s discuss this in detail and see if we’re the right fit for this project. Visit https://www.whsandtrainingcompliance.com.au/whsms-audit/ for more information or call 07 5499 2406 for a consultation.


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