Online Understanding and Managing Fatigue at Work Training

Fatigue is a major issue in many workplaces. Employers and employees in all industries must understand and manage fatigue effectively. All employees should be trained on the dangers of fatigue and how to effectively manage it as part of the system.

Course Overview

The purpose of this online fatigue management training is to provide employees in any industry with the knowledge and information they need to implement effective fatigue management strategies.

This e-learning course explains how recognising fatigue signs and symptoms may enhance our quality of life and productivity at work. It also teaches how to deal with the effects of weariness, how to respond to it, seek help, and how to avoid it in the job.

Target Audience:

All Industries. Our program provides individuals and employers with the knowledge and information they need to manage fatigue effectively.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Recognise the personal warning signals of fatigue
  • Determine personal activities that may be made to mitigate the consequences of each of the fatigue causes
  • Identify the common factors that increase the risk of fatigue-related accidents and safety incidents, as well as personal actions that can reduce their impact, and
  • List lifestyle choices that promote effective long-term fatigue management.

Duration: 2 hours

Fee:  $97 (Including GST)

Award: This is a non-accredited course; nonetheless, participants will get a Certificate of Completion upon completion.

Training Method: E-learning.

Understanding Fatigue Management

Reduced awareness, worse decision-making ability, decreased response time, less attention to detail, and poor communication are all risks linked with fatigue, all of which might lead to a major, if not deadly, catastrophe.

Work-related fatigue risk management involves identifying hazards, consequences, and risks associated with the fatigue, with a focus on the safety risks.

What is Fatigue, and how does it affect you?

Fatigue is a condition marked by increasing discomfort and reduced capacity for work, decreased job efficiency, loss of energy or capacity to respond to stimuli, and is often accompanied by a sensation of weariness and exhaustion. Fatigue is a condition of impairment that can involve both physical and mental components, and is linked to decreased attentiveness and performance.

There are a variety of variables that contribute to weariness, but they mainly revolve around a lack of sleep quantity or quality, extending one’s awake time, or other work-related or personal problems.

Get your Online Understanding and Managing Fatigue at Work training in Australia, swiftly and conveniently! The participants in this online fatigue management training course will gain abilities in the use of fatigue management tactics. You’ll be allowed to operate under more flexible conditions after your company has earned Fatigue Management certification.

To safeguard the safety of your whole workforce, enrol in our online fatigue management training course. Employees that receive fatigue management training are more aware of how to control their stress and offer their best to their jobs.

Contact WHS and training compliance for more information about Australia’s online fatigue management training course.

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