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Mental Health Courses QLD

Mental health has always been an issue for a workplace with studies revealing that more than half of the working population suffer from anxiety, stress, fear, workplace bullying and a lot more. This is why we have come up with a unique mental health courses that caters to different sectors of various industries and helps in turning their employees responsible in terms of mental health. For mental health training Queensland, Contact WHS and training compliance at any time. From effective team building to understanding roles and responsibilities, we are here to guide you through all of it. Our professionals work day and night to help you feel satisfied with our services. With our mental health courses QLD, you would be able to identify if someone is going through a tough time ad help them accordingly. It is distressing to know that someone whom you know so well is having suicidal thoughts.

Not all illnesses are obvious. Someone you know may be smiling and performing daily tasks just fine but is not in top shape psychologically. You may be putting on a happy face, but your problems may be drowning you without anyone knowing. These things affect your relationships, self-concept, and even performance at work.

In Australia, there are over 4.8 million people who suffer from a “mental or behavioral condition”, according to a 2018 survey by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. This is said to be 2.6% higher compared to data in previous years; enough to give you a reason to be worried. People who are suffering from mental illness more likely to quit their jobs and become unemployed. Mental health problems also affect the industry through working days lost, if not to turnover, potentially to absences or unpunctuality. Thus, there needs to be intensified efforts in strengthening mental health awareness in the workplace. What better first step to take than getting a mental health training certificate for the team.

3 Advantages of Mental Health Training Queensland

If you’re wondering how a mental health training program QLD can help your workplace, here are three ways to get you started:

Detect signs - Especially given to managers who work closely with the staff, the telltale signs of an early psychological problem are taught. The training is not aimed at making people experts on mental health but adequately adept at flagging problem areas. To untrained eyes, signs such as flat affect, avoidance, tardiness, and sudden changes in weight may look normal. Someone who has taken a mental health course will recognize that these things are problems and consequently offer help.

Coping strategies - The course could also provide workers suggestions on how to cope with stress and frustrations. When people lose control over events in their lives, they wind up feeling helpless. Unfortunately, life never runs out of ways to disappoint us but there’s always a way to cope. Coping strategies will help you regain control and power to steer your life towards a more positive path

Improve workplace culture - When everyone is educated about the role of mental health at work, they will be encouraged to talk about it more openly. Because there has always been a stigma surrounding mental conditions, keeping it in the dark by considering it taboo does not help in solving the problem. A workplace culture that treats it compassionately will shed light on people’s common struggles and empower them to heal. Imagine if all of Queensland adopt such culture!

Start your Mental Health Course in Queensland

It’s high time to spread awareness about the importance of mental health. At work, make it a point to fortify policies that prioritize your workers’ mental well-being. It could come in the form of mandatory breaks, wellness activities, and more importantly an effective grievance system. Indeed, when the going gets tough, you need to get the tough going, too. And what better way to strengthen your journey towards mental health than enrolling in a course in Queensland. You will never know how far that mental health training certificate QLD will take you until you see the results for yourself.

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