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Do you know what it’s like to live life in fear that may pass out any second in a completely strange place and not have a memory of that event? Can you imagine living with unprovoked seizures and disturbances in your motor functions and sensation? For us who do not suffer a chronic condition, it’s hard to picture out. Unfortunately, the things described may just be a regular Sunday afternoon for a person with epilepsy.

Epilepsy is a condition in the nervous system that is characterized by increased nerve cell activity in either a part of or the whole of the brain. According to the World Health Organization, epilepsy affects over 50 million people around the globe. In Australia alone, more than 250,000 individuals are living with epilepsy and up to 3.5 % of Australians are predicted to experience an epileptic seizure at least once in their lifetime.

Losing consciousness is a key attribute of epilepsy but the disorder poses more harm to the patient than what is described in the textbook. Many injuries and accidents are related to epilepsy, and even more with a supposed first aid responder that subscribes to misconceptions surrounding seizure care. To assess whether you need a training certificate on first aid, take a closer look at some of these practices. See if you are guilty of assuming any of them are right.

3 Common Misconceptions about Epileptic Seizure Care You Need to Correct

Restraining the patient - The seizure may cause irregularities in the person’s movements such as twitching, repetitive blinking, and tremors. These might drive you to restrain the patient. Remember to just leave the seizure to take its course. Do not try to exert force on the patient for this will only result in injury to both of you. Let them lie on their side while you record the duration of the seizure.

Moving the patient - You may want to attract less commotion by moving the patient. However, clearing the vicinity where your patient is lying down and explaining the condition to people around you is a much easier (and safer) feat. Simply protect your friend’s head and remove any object that might cause head trauma or wounds.

Putting something in between the patient’s teeth - It is a common mistake to put a cloth or spoon in the patient’s mouth to prevent them from biting or choking on their spit. This obstructs the patient’s breathing and can break the jaw or chip their teeth. Allow your friend to lie on their side to let their saliva drain and keep their airway free.

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