Mental Health First Aid for Gambling Problems

MHFA Conversations about Gambling Problem

In Australia, about around 200,000 people, 1.1 % of the population can be categorised as having gambling problems, with an additional 230,000 to 350,000 suffering moderate risks that may make them exposed to gambling problems. Several Australian’s are impacted directly and indirectly due to problem gambling, and many are at increased risk of suicide and likely to experience mental health problems (this could include depression, anxiety, substance use problems and suicide).

The problem gambling disrupts the person’s life. Some of the effects of gambling problems are relationship breakdown, financial issues, legal problems, loss of income and job, family violence, and mental health problems.


Face-to-face or online training for 4 (four) hours.

MHFA for Gambling Problems training course aims to train participants on how to provide first aid to a person who is experiencing gambling problem.

During the MHFA for Gambling Problems course, you will learn:

  • About the risk factors for gambling problems
  • Recognise signs and symptoms and motivations which may cause gambling problems
  • Approach and reach out to someone experiencing gambling problems
  • Self-care when helping someone with gambling problems

MHFA Conversations about Gambling Problem

  • MHFA Conversations about Gambling Problem handbook
  • Certificate of Completion.

The cost of the training is – $95+GST

At the completion of the course you will be have practical skills and knowledge to have a conversation with a person who has Gambling Problems. This training complements the 12-hour Standard MHFA training course. If you would like to become an accredited first aider, you are required to attend SMHFA training.

MHFA for Gambling Problems training is not a therapy or support group. This course provides adults education on how to give first aid to someone who is experiencing gambling problems

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