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About Sebnem (Shebnem)


Sebnem is an experienced WHS and Training and Development Consultant, Principal Master Mental Health First Aid Instructor, and  HBDI® Certified Practitioner with over 15 years of experience in people, training and professional development, health and safety and mental health across a range of sectors including:

• Schools/Education • Health
• Federal Government • Warehousing
• State and Local Government • Territory/Vocational Education
• Mining Industry • Public transport and logistics
• Not-for-profit • Telecommunications
• Manufacturing and Retail
• Agriculture • Emergency services
• Insurance

Sebnem Bulan-Worth
Principal Master Mental Health First Aid Instructor |

HBDI® Certified Practitioner | Adaptive Mindset For Resiliency Certified Practitioner 

WHS Consultant | Trainer | Assessor 




corporate resilient training





Sebnem is  a proven ‘connector’ with skills to optimise and influence top executives, teams, decisions, actions, and goals—leading and teaching, not just driving—to invigorate organisational culture. Sebnem has a unique talent for planning and implementing WHS Projects. Talent manager who builds strong relationships and overcomes issues to implement, plan and train employee pools in order to assist workplaces to provide a safe working environment to all employees, increase profitability, productivity and improving morale, transforming employee relations.

Our journey of health and safety training and educating workplaces, begins with our own personal experiences.

My husband had an accident at his work, resulting in workplace injuries that changed our lives forever.  Seeing my husband in such terrible pain, I realised that I can make a difference. Not only to his life but also to the lives of countless others. I had already been working as a Health and Safety Officer for a number of years prior to my husband’s accident.

So I knew that due to his injury, this would become my great passion. To help and support other families going through the same trauma, heartache, and financial stress. Work Health and Safety impacts every worker in every workplace, no matter how long they have been employed. Employers who do not provide Health and Safety Training may be putting their workers at risk of injury or even death.

My personal experiences formed my mission and became my top priority to provide high-quality Work Health and Safety, and Mental Health First Aid Training to ensure their compliance. This will enable to reduce workplace injuries, accidents, illnesses and the impacts of physical and psychological injuries.

My WHS and Mental Health First Aid Training courses are conducted with compassion, professionalism, integrity, honesty, and respect for everyone I am training. They are designed to build trust, consist of memorable and influential content and delivered with excellence above and beyond. With some fun and humor along the way.

"Surprise present from my students"

We don't teach, we inspire.  

WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd is a privately-owned consultancy business, providing high-quality Work Health and Safety training and consultancy services across a wide range of businesses.

Our aim is to help our clients to improve their health and safety objectives, meet their obligations under the WHS/OHS laws, grow their safety culture. We pride ourselves helping our clients to up-skill their staff, most importantly, keep their most important assets, people safe.

I have an extensive knowledge of literacy, language and numeracy issues, WHS/OHS Acts, Coal Mining Safety and Health Act, Commonwealth WHS Act, Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act   and Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act .

I have worked as a WHS consultant, trainer and assessor, have trained a variety of organisations including Federal Government employees, State Government departments,  small businesses, large corporations including coal and mining sector, oil and gas industry, local city councils, non-profit organisations, transportation industry including railways,  call centres, age care industry and educational institutions (Primary and High Schools).

Training Photos with my classroom with a surprise present.

WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd offer the best service and continuously deliver the most appropriate health and safety solution to our clients. Whether it is assisting you to review your safety culture, or delivering onsite training specific to your needs or helping you to develop a dynamic safety culture. We are committed to helping you to achieve your safety objectives and goals.

It can be difficult to fully engage workers, managers, and supervisors in workplace health and safety despite the fact that health and safety is everyone’s responsibility. As a WHS and Training Compliance Solutions, we can actively facilitate this process and influence change by supporting managers, supervisors, and staff to commit to health and safety and to embrace new ideas. We’ll identify the issues for control and those that are suitable in the normal course of business, will help your organisation to deliver clear and easy to understand health and safety messages.

Our specialised WHS consultancy services include:

  • HBDI® and other thinking assessments
  • Whole Brain® Thinking Solutions & Consulting
  • Mental Health First Aid Training
  • Health and safety training program that your staff require
  • Workplace Resiliency Programs and Consulting
  • Workplace Learning and Development Consulting
  • WHS Training Analysis

Online and Remote assessment marking across Australia for Cert IV and Diploma in WHS and Return to Work Coordinator courses for Registered Training Organisations.

Our assessors have substantial WHS industry and training and assessment experience.  Hold Diploma of Work Health and Safety, Cert IV in WHS, Diploma in Training Design and Development and Cert IV in Training and Assessment qualifications, and have Commonwealth police check.  Your students' goals become our trainers' goals.

We provide effective student feedback, by considering the individual needs of each student. We also identify patterns in student mistakes, constructively understand the mistake, and develop strategies to resolve the problem.

We pride ourselves confidentiality of our clients and their client databases.

WHS Gap training services: Gap or contract Cert IV, Diploma in WHS, Return to work coordinator and Queensland Initial Health and Safety Representatives and Refresher courses training. We also provide customised non-accredited WHS training.

Training course materials: Design, develop RPL and training packages for Cert IV, Diploma in WHS training packages, and individual WHS modules. Our services include assessment development, facilitator guide, learners book, assessor guide for assessment, learner assessment guide, PowerPoint slides and learner books compliant with Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).


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Vision Statement

We will set a new standard for commitment, trust, and execution.


Our mission and top priority, is to provide businesses and their valuable assets - people, high-quality WHS and mental health training ensure compliance, that will enable them to reduce injuries, accidents, illnesses and impacts of physical and psychological injury.

Core Values

COMPASSION - We treat our clients’ goals as if they were our own and are always looking for new ways to help.

TRUST - We believe in independent thinking, straight talk, and loyalty to our clients.

EXCELLENCE - We are responsive and innovative, and go above and beyond to help our clients.

RESPECT - We appreciate every opportunity to work with our clients, and value the ideas, opinions, and ideas of the people and organizations we work with.

HONESTY - We will always be candid, sincere, and authentic.

FUN - We enjoy what we do and want everyone to have a great experience.

INTEGRITY - We believe that doing the right things for our clients and your valuable assets, people always come first.