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Vision Statement

In order to create a training experience that is tailored to each participant, we will set new standards for commitment, trust, and execution.


To prevent and reduce injuries, accidents, illnesses, and their impact on physical and mental health, we offer businesses top-of-the-line training in safety and mental health.

Core Values

COMPASSION – Every client’s goals is treated like our own, and we are always looking for ways to help.

TRUST – Our company believes in independent thinking, straight talk, and loyalty to customers.

EXCELLENCE – Our commitment to helping clients goes above and beyond what is expected of us.

RESPECT – For us, working with clients is important, and we value our clients’ ideas, opinions, and ideas.

HONESTY – Honesty, sincerity, and authenticity will always be our guiding principles.

FUN – We are passionate about the work we do and want everyone to have a great time.

INTEGRITY – Being ethical and doing what is right for our clients and your assets is always our top priority.

Ensure workplace safety and compliance with our expert training courses


Our comprehensive face-to-face courses empower your staff with the skills and knowledge needed to maintain a safe work environment. Gain peace of mind knowing that your business is fully compliant with WHS regulations


Unlock the Power of Workplace Health and Safety Training.

Our comprehensive courses empower your staff with the knowledge and skills to ensure a safe and compliant workplace. Increase safety awareness, improve competency, and protect your business from potential risks and liabilities. Invest in the future of your workforce with WHS and Training Compliance Solutions.


Get the best in WHS and Training Compliance Solutions.

When it comes to workplace health and safety training, choose the experts at WHS and Training Compliance Solutions. Our courses are designed to make your staff skilled, competent, and compliant. Increase safety knowledge and awareness in your business with our comprehensive training programs


Partner with us for exceptional customer service and support.

At WHS and Training Compliance Solutions, we believe in building strong partnerships with our clients. We provide exceptional customer service to ensure that your business receives the support it needs every step of the way. From course selection to ongoing compliance, we are here to assist you in increasing safety knowledge, awareness, and maintaining compliance. Partner with us for a seamless experience.

Unlock the full potential of your workforce with innovative learning programs.


Unlock the full potential of your workforce with innovative learning programs.

Empower your employees with the latest in workplace health and safety training. Our innovative learning programs integrate HBDI to ensure maximum engagement and knowledge retention. Equip your staff with the skills they need to excel, increase safety awareness, and achieve full compliance.

Ensure the safety and compliance of your business with WHS and Training Compliance Solutions.

Sebnem Bulan – Worth
Principal Master Mental Health First Aid Instructor |

HBDI® Certified Practitioner | Adaptive Mindset For Resiliency Certified Practitioner

WHS Consultant | Trainer | Assessor

About Sebnem (Shebnem)

As a WHS and training consultant and mental health first aid facilitator with over 15 years of experience across a variety of sectors, Sebnem has extensive experience in people, training, and development. Among the sectors in which she has worked are:

  • Schools/Education
  • Health
  • Federal Government
  • Warehousing
  • State and Local Government
  • Territory/Vocational Education
  • Mining Industry
  • Public transport and logistics
  • Not-for-profit
  • Telecommunications
  • Manufacturing and Retail
  • Agriculture
  • Emergency services
  • Insurance

Sebnem has proven abilities to optimise and influence top executives, teams, decisions, actions, and goals, teaching and leading rather than just driving, to invigorate the culture of an organisation. Preventative Workplace Mental Health learning and development programs are Sebnem’s forte, and she has a unique skill set for planning and implementing them. An experienced talent manager who builds strong relationships and overcomes challenges to implement, plan, and train employee pools so that workplaces can offer a safe working environment for their employees, increase profits, productivity, and improve employee morale, transforming employee relations.


Among the core pillars of WHS and Training Compliance Solutions’ work is the prevention of mental illness and suicide.

While mental health services and suicide prevention initiatives have steadily increased over the last few decades, the number of people who experience mental illness and suicidal feelings is not decreasing.

Change can be achieved by putting prevention knowledge into practice and scaling programs that meet people where they live, work, learn and connect.

Despite prevention being a priority, most state and territory funding has been allocated to ‘downstream’ programs, which offer treatment after an individual is in acute need.

Several studies have shown that prevention-focused approaches are more cost-effective than treatment alone, as well as resulting in more efficient use of mental health resources. As a result, there are spillover effects in general health care, drug and alcohol treatment, education, child protection, and criminal justice.

As an evidence-based prevention program, research, training, and policy advice provider, WHS and Training Compliance Solutions has been working across diverse sectors for decades.

In the course of our work, WHS and Training Compliance Solutions is uniquely positioned to:

  • Contribute to reducing mental illness, suicide, and related problems among individuals, families, organizations, and communities
  • Implement practical resources, programs, and approaches across sectors and communities that are based on evidence
  • Support businesses and communities across Australia to deliver better outcomes.

At WHS and Training Compliance Solutions, proactive workplace psychological injury prevention is our business. As a result of our poor workplace conditions, we have seen firsthand how it can affect our mental health. In addition, we know that the reverse is true as well. We are passionate about the connection between mental and physical health, in addition to our proactive tools to ensure their safety, fitness, and health.

At WHS and Training Compliance Solutions, we believe in the power of continuous learning and improvement. That’s why we are committed to our own journey of professional development and growth. We continually invest in our own training and education, to ensure that we are always at the forefront of the latest developments in training and compliance.

Our qualified and experienced trainers are not only experts in their field, but also passionate educators who are committed to their own professional growth. We regularly participate in professional development activities, to ensure that we are always up-to-date with the latest training methods and techniques.

We believe that by investing in our own development, we can provide even better service to our clients. By continually improving our knowledge and skills, we can offer more effective training and compliance solutions, and help businesses achieve even greater efficiency.

Our team at WHS and Training Compliance Solutions understands that every business has unique needs. Therefore, we customise our training packages to cater to these specific requirements. Our experience spans across various sectors, enabling them to support businesses in diverse industries. This adaptability and versatility have earned us a solid reputation in the training development industry.

WHS and Training Compliance Solutions is not just a service provider; we partner in the true sense of the word. We care about their clients’ success and go the extra mile to ensure that the training courses are effective and impactful. This client-centric approach sets us apart from our competitors and reinforces our position as a trusted partner in training development.

In the ever-evolving business landscape, the importance of having trained professionals onboard cannot be overstated. Their role in enhancing productivity, ensuring safe working conditions, and maximizing business efficiency is paramount. The mark of a successful business is not just how well it performs in the market but also how efficiently it operates internally.

Our trainers have recent Cert IV in Training and Assessment, and they play a significant role in this context. They are equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide high-quality training that leads to improved business efficiency.

A well-trained workforce is more competent, confident, and capable of tackling the challenges posed by the dynamic business environment.Training facilitates streamlined operations, improved quality of service, and increased employee morale, all of which contribute to business efficiency. This is where our certified trainers come into play. They bring their expertise to the table, helping businesses realize their full potential.

Our Trainers: Continual Professional Development and Upskilling

Continual professional development and upskilling are integral to our trainers’ ethos. We value professional development and continuously upskill, ensuring that we are at the forefront of our profession. This ongoing commitment to learning allows us to deliver training that is current, relevant, and impactful.

Our trainers understand that to drive efficiency in others, they must first embody it. Hence, they invest in their growth, honing their skills, and expanding their knowledge base. This commitment to professional development enables us to deliver training that is not only effective but also innovative and engaging.

Upskilling is not just about acquiring new skills; it’s about refining existing ones and staying updated with industry trends. Our trainers are dedicated to this principle, constantly seeking opportunities for growth and improvement.

Value of Credentials in Training: Our Trainers’ Experience and Expertise

Experience and expertise are invaluable in the realm of professional training. Our trainers not only have experience in training but also have credentials to support their experiences in training. This blend of practical experience and academic knowledge enables them to deliver training that is both practical and theoretical.

Our credentials bear testimony to their proficiency and dedication. A trainer equipped with relevant qualifications, like our trainers with Cert IV in Training and Assessment, can deliver training that is comprehensive, effective, and aligned with industry standards.

Beyond qualifications, our trainers bring their real-world experience to the table. We leverage this experience to deliver training that is relatable, engaging, and impactful. We draw upon our experiences to provide practical insights, enhancing the effectiveness of the training.

Exploring Cert IV in WHS and Diploma of WHS: Our Trainers’ Qualifications

Our trainers’ qualifications extend beyond Cert IV in Training and Assessment. They also have recent Cert IV in WHS (Work Health and Safety) and Diploma of WHS. These qualifications equip them with the knowledge and skills to deliver effective training in workplace health and safety.

A business that prioritizes safety is a business that values efficiency. Our trainers, with their WHS qualifications, can guide your business in creating a safe and healthy work environment. They can assist in identifying potential hazards, devising effective safety measures, and fostering a culture of safety.

These qualifications not only attest to our trainers’ expertise but also their versatility. We are equipped to deliver training across a range of disciplines, enhancing the efficiency of your business on multiple fronts.

HBDI Professionals: Deliver Training Based on Learners Thinking, Communication and Learning Preferences

Our trainers are not only certified professionals, but they are also HBDI (Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument) professionals. This means they are equipped with the skills to deliver training based on learners thinking and learning preferences. They understand that every individual has a unique learning style and they tailor their training accordingly.

HBDI is a tool that helps identify an individual’s preferred approach to learning and problem-solving. Our trainers use this tool to design and deliver training that aligns with the learners’ thinking and learning preferences. This ensures that the training is not only effective but also enjoyable for the learners.

Effective training is not just about imparting knowledge; it’s about ensuring that the learners are able to absorb, understand, and apply the knowledge. Our HBDI professionals are skilled at doing just that. They deliver training that is engaging, interactive, and tailored to the learners’ preferences, ensuring optimum learning outcomes.

Course Materials:  Developed Based on All Learners Thinking, Communication and Learning Preferences

Our trainers understand that the course materials play a crucial role in the learning process. Therefore, they put great effort into developing course materials that are not only informative but also aligned with the learners’ thinking and learning preferences.

Our trainers use the insights gained from the HBDI to develop course materials that cater to different learning styles. They ensure that the course materials are comprehensive, easy to understand, and relevant to the learners. They also incorporate different learning aids such as infographics, videos, and interactive activities to make the learning experience more engaging and effective.

Moreover, our trainers continually update the course materials to reflect the latest trends and developments in the industry. This ensures that the learners are always equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge and skills.

Maximizing Business Efficiency Through Our Certified Trainers

Our certified trainers play a crucial role in helping businesses maximize their efficiency. We do this by delivering high-quality training that equips employees with the skills and knowledge they need to perform their roles effectively.

Our trainers understand that efficiency is not just about doing things quickly, but also about doing them well. Therefore, we focus on developing skills that enhance both speed and quality, such as problem-solving, decision-making, time management, and communication.

Moreover, our trainers also recognize the importance of creating a culture of continuous improvement. They encourage learners to continually evaluate their performance, seek feedback, and strive for excellence. This mindset of ongoing improvement is key to achieving and sustaining high levels of efficiency.

Real-life Successes: Case Studies of Our Trainers at Work

Our trainers’ expertise and dedication have led to numerous successes in various industries. Here are a few case studies that highlight the impact of our trainers at work.

Case Study 1: A large manufacturing company engaged WHS to deliver safety training to its employees. Our trainer, developed a comprehensive training program that covered all aspects of workplace safety. The training led to a significant reduction in workplace incidents and injuries, and improved the company’s safety culture.

Case Study 2: A retail business was struggling with low productivity and high staff turnover. Our trainer, delivered a series of workshops on topics such as communication, teamwork, and customer service. The training resulted in improved employee morale, increased productivity, and reduced staff turnover.

Case Study 3: A healthcare organization wanted to improve its patient care standards. Our trainer, worked with the organization to develop a customized training program for its staff. The training improved patient care, patient satisfaction, and the organization’s reputation.

Sebnem Bulan-Worth is one of our highly experienced and qualified trainers. With a background in business management, Sebnem brings a wealth of industry experience to her training.

Sebnem holds the Bachelor of Business Administration, Cert IV in Training and Assessment, as well as the Diploma of WHS, and Cert IV in WHS. She is also an HBDI professional, equipped to deliver training based on learners’ thinking and learning preferences.

Sebnem is known for her engaging and interactive training style. She has a passion for helping individuals and organizations achieve their potential, and this shines through in her training. Her clients appreciate her practical, real-world approach, and the positive impact she has on their performance and productivity. 

Sebnem is also a Principal Master Mental Health First Aid Instructor, which means delivered over 120+ courses. 

In order to maximize business efficiency, it’s crucial to provide excellent customer service and care. This is where our support specialists at WHS and Training Compliance Solutions come in. These professionals are trained to provide the highest levels of service to our clients, ensuring that their needs are met and their expectations are exceeded.

Our customer service and care teams work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and goals. This allows us to create a customised training and compliance solution that is tailored to each client’s unique circumstances. We believe that by providing personalized care and attention, we can help businesses achieve their desired outcomes more effectively.

Confidentiality is another key component of our customer service and care. We understand that businesses may have sensitive information that needs to be protected. Our professionals are trained to handle such information with the utmost care and discretion, ensuring that it remains secure at all times.

WHS and Training Compliance Solutions is dedicated to delivering high-quality training that yields positive outcomes. This means that businesses can start seeing results from the moment they begin their training. Our trainers use a variety of methods to engage learners, from hands-on activities to interactive discussions. This helps to ensure that learners are actively involved in the training process, which in turn leads to better retention and application of knowledge.

But our support doesn’t end when the training is over. We also provide ongoing support to ensure that the skills and knowledge gained during training are effectively applied in the workplace. This includes regular check-ins to assess progress, as well as additional training sessions as needed.

Furthermore, we understand that every business is unique, with its own set of challenges and goals. That’s why we customize our training programs to suit each business’s specific needs. Whether you need to train a large team or a single employee, we can create a program that will meet your needs and help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Our services at WHS and Training Compliance Solutions go beyond just training. We also offer a range of other services to support businesses in their compliance efforts. This includes conducting audits to identify potential compliance issues, providing advice on how to address these issues, and assisting with the implementation of compliance solutions.

In addition, we offer consultancy services for businesses that need expert advice on training and compliance matters. Our consultants have extensive experience in a wide range of industries, and can provide valuable insights and recommendations based on their expertise.

We also understand the importance of maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. That’s why we offer services such as risk assessments and safety training, to help businesses protect their employees and comply with health and safety regulations.

Our specialised WHS consultancy services include:

  • HBDI® and other thinking assessments
  • Whole Brain® Thinking Solutions & Consulting
  • Mental Health First Aid Training
  • Health and safety training program that your staff require
  • Workplace Resiliency Programs and Consulting
  • Workplace Learning and Development Consulting
  • WHS Training Analysis

Online and Remote assessment marking across Australia for Cert IV and Diploma in WHS and Return to Work Coordinator courses for Registered Training Organisations.

Our assessors have substantial WHS industry and training and assessment experience.  Hold Diploma of Work Health and Safety, Cert IV in WHS, Diploma in Training Design and Development and Cert IV in Training and Assessment qualifications, and have Commonwealth police check.  Your students’ goals become our trainers’ goals.

We provide effective student feedback, by considering the individual needs of each student. We also identify patterns in student mistakes, constructively understand the mistake, and develop strategies to resolve the problem.

We pride ourselves confidentiality of our clients and their client databases.

WHS Gap training services: Gap or contract Cert IV, Diploma in WHS, Return to work coordinator and Queensland Initial Health and Safety Representatives and Refresher courses training. We also provide customised non-accredited WHS training.

Training course materials: Developing custom course materials is an integral part of WHS and Training Compliance Solutions’ offerings. These materials are thoughtfully designed to cater to the specific needs of each client. The team takes into account various factors such as the nature of the business, the industry standards, and the employees’ skill levels. This meticulous planning ensures that the training materials are relevant, comprehensive, and easy to understand.

WHS and Training Compliance Solutions’ custom course materials are not mere informational documents. They are practical guides that equip employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to maintain a safe working environment. The team uses various teaching methods, including interactive activities, case studies, and real-life examples, to make the learning process engaging and effective.

The team also recognises the importance of continuous learning. Therefore, they provide ongoing support even after the training sessions. They review the effectiveness of the training materials and make necessary updates to ensure that they remain relevant and effective. This commitment to continuous improvement is a testament to their dedication to their clients’ success.