Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Training Perth- WA

20201215_154100-1Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Training  Perth- WA

The workplace mental health issue has always existed with studies showing that over half of workers experience anxiety, stress, fear, and depression. Because of this, we are delivering mental health first aid courses Perth that cater to different sectors in various industries and help them make their employees more responsible for their mental health. If you need mental health first aid training for your employees, arrange a confidential meeting with WHS and Training Compliance. We’re here to guide you through the process of team building and understanding roles and responsibilities. You can rely on us to deliver high quality services every day and night. It will be easier for you to spot when someone is struggling with their mental health with our Perth mental health courses.

Australia’s Mental Health Prevalence

There are approximately 8.6 million Australians between the ages of sixteen and eighty-five who suffer from a mental health condition in a given year, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. In other words, two in five. Depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, alcoholism, and psychosis represent the most common mental health problems. A mental health problem is one of the most common illnesses in Australia.

Emotions, behaviour, thinking, motivation, and interactions with other people are all affected by mental health problems. Sometimes, people suffering from mental illness are not diagnosed because they do not seek medical attention for it. This may lead to a decline in physical health, a loss of employment, a breakdown of personal relationships, as well as a drop in grades. Many people avoid seeking professional help because they do not know enough about mental illness, can’t understand it or are stigmatized about it.

Every one of us knows someone close to us who is suffering from a mental illness. As part of the standard MHFA training, students will learn the skills necessary to assist either a family member, a colleague, or a friend who is experiencing an illness or in a crisis involving mental health, until they are able to receive specialized assistance from mental health professionals, or until the crisis is controlled.

Mental health specialists, academics, and consumer advocates contributed to the development of this evidence-based training program, and it is based on international guidelines developed by MHFA Australia. Training in Mental Health First Aid is conducted onsite in Perth by a Principal Master Mental Health First Aid Instructor who has delivered more than 100 courses.

Training on onsite mental health first aid in Perth

Students learn how to provide preliminary support for individuals in the midst of mental illness or a mental health crisis as part of Mental Health First Aid training. There will be a focus on learning about the signs and indications of problems with mental health during the course of the course.

As part of the program, participants will also learn how, what, when and where mental health first aid should be administered.

In addition to offering hands-on first aid courses in Perth, this, MHFA training explains how a potential crisis can be handled in the event of a mental health crisis.

The course covers suicidal thoughts and behaviours, non-suicidal self-injury, panic attacks, traumatic events, severe psychotic states, serious effects of alcohol and other drugs, and aggressive behaviour.

Onsite MHFA training in Perth has many benefits

Through this course, learners will develop skills and knowledge that will allow them to identify and respond appropriately to mental health crises, thereby supporting their recovery and return to work outcomes including:

  • It is important that communities are aware of how prevalent mental health issues are.
  • Knowledge of mental illness has been increased.
  • Identify friends, family and colleagues who suffer from mental illness.

Assist friends, families, and colleagues experiencing mental health crises if professional help is not available.

Timing of the MHFA courses

Mental health first aid training Perth, will be provided onsite by an accredited MHFA instructor for this 2-day (12-hour) course.

Prepare for crises care now by scheduling an onsite training in Perth. Taking a quality training course in Perth is all you need to become a part of the population which can trust their confidence during times of need. For those looking to earn their first aid certificate in Perth, WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Australia offers affordable 1st aid courses. In addition to Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and Cairns, we offer first aid training classes across all states and territories.

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