Employee Motivation Training Course – Brisbane, Australia

Employee Motivation Training Course – Motivating Staff 

Boost Your Employee’s Satisfaction & Motivation to Work with Our employee motivation training course in Brisbane. Motivation is the secret thing that energizes, maintains, and enhances workplace performance.

A major part of being a leader is about having the ability to motivate and build an effective team to drive high performance within full potential. This staff motivation training course will put you on the right track to give confidence and train your team with the most up to date motivation concepts through a number of fun, and interactive classroom activities that will empower your team. At the end of employee motivation training course, you will be able to offer your team an “action guide”, a plan, a challenge, a goal or a purpose that your team members are willing to embrace and carry on to achieve amazing results.


Online or onsite training for 5 (four) hours.

By the end of this workshop, the learner should be able to:

  • Describewhat motivates us.
  • Understand the Motivational Model and how to use the model.
  • Learn interesting differences in motivation.
  • Identify the big myth about what drives employee performance and engagement.
  • Understand what do your team want?
  • Uncover the hidden sources of motivation
  • Recognise what is Motivating today’s teams
  • Identify the conditions for the most powerful motivators

We provide workplace motivational training for employees workshops across Queensland including Brisbane, Toowoomba, Cairns and Townsville so if you’re around the area, we call us at 07 5499 2406 to schedule a call out.

  • Course manual
  • Certificate of completion

The cost of the training is – $125+GST

Are You Doing Enough? A 4-Step Guide to Motivating Your Employees

Motivation fluctuates – One day you could be immersed in your work and the next thing you know you can’t find the will to finish your tasks. Motivating people can be fascinating, all you need is the right resources to perform effectively. Training, workshops and mental health courses designed for the workplace can provide good advice in this area since motivation is, in itself, a mental health concern. Thus, a holistic approach should be applied, taking into consideration the existing system and policies in the organisation.

Any training provider in Brisbane would urge you to first conduct an assessment on the current system you’re operating within your workplace. Try and see if you’re doing the following efforts to increase motivation at work:

Rewards and compensation – A no-fail way to sustain employee motivation is to give equal pay for the work they render. This alone is not enough. You need to incorporate it with other strategies because eventually, the employee will look for growth in other areas of their professional life such skills, social network, and status. Your organization’s reward system should also be fair and specific with regards to its key result areas. This way, employees know what to expect or aim for. Such will also pave the way for a culture of fairness since employees can also observe what others are being rewarded for.

Less bias – Regardless if you’re friends with an employee outside of work, you should be loud in your actions that you’re treating them on the same level as everyone else. Office politics is often harmful to employees’ motivation, especially when it seems to them like you have your favorites. An assurance of fairness minimizes the chances of unhealthy competition, bullying, and backstabbing between coworkers.

Clear goals – For instance, you are aiming to boost your company’s profit by 80% by the end of the year. You don’t just lay out the big the picture for your employees to figure out. You need to set clear short-term goals that will build up to the end goal eventually. Set a schedule and track your team’s progress, dropping compliments occasionally as you tick tasks off your list. Many people live for that sense of accomplishment!

Positive work environment – Don’t you just like coming to work every day knowing that you have a team of professionals who look after you? A positive work environment secures employees with social support and career growth. It also encourages them to speak up and openly ask for help when they’re struggling with their tasks. Such environment breeds good relationships and promotes less mental strain, resulting to happier and more motivated employees.

Employee motivation training specialists

If any of these are not present in your existing company culture, then you have a lot to learn. We can help you! As a work health and safety institution, we aim to educate businesses about the importance of mental health policies and practices. Through workshops, first aid certification programs, and refresher courses, we can make motivating people easier for you.

To learn more about employee motivation training courses in Brisbane and Australia, contact us at 07 5499 2406. We look forward to seeing you in our classes in Brisbane, Australia.