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Learn skills to help someone suffering a mental health crisis situation at our mental health training courses Brisbane, Australia. We at WHS and Training Compliance Brisbane understand your requirement for training your employees to help them gain skills in safety and being cautious. The workplace could be tricky if you are not careful enough. We help in improving the safety culture of your business so that you can expect 100% efficiency from your employees. Mental health training, we follow the rules and regulation and on completion provide you with a certificate of completion. We help in combating psychosocial hazards such as bullying and harassment, fatigue, sexual harassment and workplace conflict. From mental health awareness to understanding what constitutes fitness for work, we help you with mental health course for the betterment of your employees.

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A mental health problem is more than just “having a lot on your mind lately” or being under the weather. It may be a persistent pattern of depressed mood, uncontrollable worry, or lack of touch with reality that interferes with daily activities and relationships. Too often, it is misunderstood and taken only as a mere lack of positive thinking or self-control. Unfortunately, mental conditions can be intrusive and overwhelming, driving patients to hurt themselves or cause disturbances in their lives. In these times of crisis, you can help through mental health training Australia.

A mental health training certificate will equip you with vigilance to the early signs of mental illness. It will also provide a concrete plan of action to support your friend while professional help has not yet arrived. Much like emergency care, but for the mentally vulnerable, the course follows standards penned by Mental Health First Aid Australia to ensure that the help you will be providing is reliable.

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ALGEE: 5 Things to Remember in Mental Health Emergencies

What should you do when you find someone in a mental health emergency? Below are 5 basic guidelines provided by the MHFA, which are better known as the ALGEE action plan:

Approach and assess – Rush to the individual in need. Look for signs of self-injury or calm them down until they are in the right headspace to talk.

Listen – Lend an ear to their outbursts. Listen without showing judgment and make them feel like you are a safe refuge. Refrain from telling them off or giving your personal opinions. It is better to leave the processing to the professionals.

Give – Reassure them about how valid their feelings are. Inform them about their condition, whether it is beyond their control or something they shouldn’t be taking the blame from.

Encourage – Make the idea of professional help available to them. Encourage them to seek counselling and mental health care. Relate the importance of these services to their well-being and how they can start anew with a little push in the right direction. It also helps if you give them a list of suicide prevention and emergency hotlines, support circles, and wellness institutions in Brisbane which they can go to ask for assistance.

Encourage – Lastly, encourage them to proactively help themselves. Self-help can come in many ways such as removing triggers at home, choosing to be surrounded by friends, adhering to medication, and religiously attending therapy.

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You don’t need to be a licensed professional to put mental health matters into your own hands. Though it is not an alternative to professional help, a certificate on mental health first aid will set you off to give relief during emergencies. Do it for your family, workmates, and friends! Find your nearest mental health course provider in Brisbane, Australia and jump-start your training towards being an informed and reliable shoulder to lean on. We ensure your workers and staffs are doing well with professional help and know whom to go to when they are in need. If you are interested in our mental health training course, you could email us or even give us a call.

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