Whole Brain® Thinking with the Online HBDI®

Productivity, effective leadership, increased teamwork, and better communication— Ned Hermann believes that all these can be achieved through the awareness of one’s thinking style. How so, you ask?
When you know your thinking preference or your natural way of processing information, you come to understand which types of problems or situations you’re most effective in. For instance, if you’re one who’s quick to respond to quantitative questions, perhaps, you thrive in teams and offices with such nature of tasks. Of course, the same cannot be said for individuals who are highly social— those who think with others’ feelings and personal conditions at the forefront of their decision-making. They may find comfort in leadership positions anchored on social cohesion.

What is the Whole Brain Thinking Model?

Everyone thinks in different ways. The Whole Brain Thinking model claims that there are four major thinking domains in which each person can rank under. Everyone can have more of one or two domain than the others and whichever area/s of thinking they score the highest in is/are considered their preference.
This theoretical framework does not rule out the possibility that people can think in ways other than their preference. It may be performed with less ease, but it’s altogether possible; even valuable in the event that one has to work collaboratively with others whose thinking style is different from one’s own.

These domains are as follows:

A – Logical, analytical, fact-based, quantitative

B –  Organized, sequential, planned, and detailed

C –  Interpersonal, feeling-based, kinesthetic, emotional

D –  Holistic, intuitive, integrating, synthesizing

HBDI Online Consultation

The Whole Brain Thinking model is applied via the Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument® , a psychometric test that determines a person’s thinking style as measured by each of the four quadrants of the model. See illustration below.

There are three main HBDI data you can collect:

Individual Profile. For individuals who intend to understand how their thinking affects different areas in their work life such as communication, task performance, and decision-making.

Partner Profile. Explores how two employees can work in complement with each other such as that both parties can fill in for each other’s lack and flourish according to their strengths.

Team Profile. Aimed at understanding how the composition of each team member’s thinking style can efficiently contribute to the overall success of the group.

HBDI® Consultation can also be held online via your chosen teleconferencing platform. You’ll only need to attend a two-hour consultation with our in-house experts and expect a turnaround of at least 15 days following the completion of your HBDI profile. It’s made easy and more convenient, so you get to immediately go back to the drawing board and decide on your next best steps to improving workers’ performance.

At WHS & Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd, we are a duly recognised HBDI® consulting service provider who abide by the guidelines and highest standards set by Hermann International. If you’re interested in this particular online service, feel free to phone us at 07 5499 2406 or email us at info@whsandtrainingcompliance.com.au