In tough times, corporate management training programs have a significant importance to leadership teams and business managers because your training programs will determine whether your business remains feasible and whether it is positioned for progression.

Our Corporate Learning and Development Programs

Our learning and development programs are delivered across Australia, or internationally. We can deliver our programs onsite, online.  (We also have public classes delivering courses face to face in Townsville, Toowoomba and Brisbane).

Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI)

HBDI is a technique to assess and define thinking preferences in people, developed by William Ned Herrmann. This online assessment has 116-questions, establishes the degree of each employee’s preference respectively of the four styles of thinking. Each employee might be dominant one or more styles of thinking, and can identify their thinking preference shift due to the challenges and adversities.

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We all think differently, cognitive diversity can be leveraged as a strategic advantage. How employees, leaders or workforce think, influences how employee or workforce form work. Consequently, this diversity can disrupt or leads the success of the business. Therefore, understanding and applying cognitive diversity of thought is vital for the corporate strategic success.

Benefits of HBDI

  • Reduction in employee turnover and improved employee engagement.
  • Increased customer satisfaction and engagement from your services.
  • Increase in production and product sales.
  • Improved corporate financial outstanding, and competitiveness.
  • Decreases conflict between employees or groups within the business.

Our HBDI Programs

  • 1 on 1 or group consultation.
  • Team or pair HBDI profile.
  • Targeted training – strategic communication, decision making, teamwork and problem solving.

herrmann brain dominance Instrument

If you would like to learn more about Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument and consultation. Our trainers are HBDI® Certified Practitioners. Contact us for more information on Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument.

We are servicing across Australia and our services extends to international clients.

Corporate Resilient Training

Developing a Resilient Mindset is a 1 full-day course, building up resiliency and high performing workforce in a fast-paced business operation. Resiliency is a way to deal with stress productively and step away from the brain’s natural, counter-productive ways of thinking and responding to challenges and adversities.  This workplace resilient training will, train and coach people about the causes of stress, response patterns, and practical strategies for shifting those responses.corporate management training, corporate management training program, learning and development, corporate learning and development, corporate resilient training, herrmann brain dominance Instrument, corporate culture change, culture change, corporate training, leadership development, learning, change management, success

The Developing a Resilient Mindset contains the Adaptive Mindset for Resiliency® Multi-Rater profile questionnaire. It is a process through which feedback from colleagues, and supervisors (please note: the individual need to designate 5 individuals), and a self-evaluation by the individual.

Benefits of Corporate Resilient Training

  • Decline in employee leaving and improved employee engagement.
  • Improved customer relationships and involvement from your services.
  • Growth in productivity and product sales.
  • Enhanced corporate financials, decline in outstanding's and competitiveness in governance.
  • Reductions on employee conflict between employees or teams.

corporate resilient training, developing a resilient mindset, workplace resilienceContact us for more information on Corporate Resilient Training. Our trainers are TRACOM’s certified instructors to deliver onsite or online Corporate Resilience Training across Australia or International.



What does corporate training means?

Corporate training is the strategy of providing leadership teams and employees with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful. By increasing their success, businesses, in turn, facilitate the profitability and growth. It is no longer just about training your employees, it creates opportunities to engage with broader audiences – your customers.

With corporate training evolving, the idea of training employees and leadership to professional learning and developing programs are becoming more common. It’s been shown to increase efficiency, improve retention, employee engagement, deliver happier customers and much more.

What are the benefits leadership teams and business managers gain from corporate management training programs?

Revision of policies and procedures. Corporate leadership teams and business managers can be provided with tools and procedures to successfully go through human resource policies. They will also be able to outline the existing performance of employees, and search for new ways to address problems employees are facing and challenges they are encountering within the business. They will be able to assess whether the current policies support the corporate learning and development needs.

Expansion of understanding on challenges. Corporate learning and development programs will give better reflection into the constantly changing business environment. They also will provide leadership teams and business managers with a better understanding on how training can address the organisational challenges.

Talent management. Corporate training will assist businesses to turn young talent into tomorrow’s leaders. It will also increase employee satisfaction and decrease employee turnover.

Corporate management training programs help professionals to:

  • Identify talent and recognise their needs.
  • Fill the employee needs of the company.
  • Offer the right training program to employees.

Notifies Employee Competencies. These programs will give leadership teams and business managers additional views on the latest trends in professional learning and development. They will also apprise the competencies of employees. The training programs equip employees with an innovative set of tools.

Create unity, collaboration and engagement. It will help to create engagement and alliance within the business. Employees will be able to work with their management teams and with each other easily, since they can understand each other clearly with a unified mindset. These corporate training courses will be providing teambuilding strategies in order to create a strong, consistent, collaborative team.

Improve corporate culture change process. Changing existing corporate culture is a time-consuming, challenging process, and involves almost all aspects of the organisation. Therefore, employee's are critical for the change process. Also, management teams need to align everything to reinforce the culture change, support change, review the change and don't have conflicts with the stated values.

Building a corporate training strategy is a smart move. Starting a strategy can be intimidating, due to the audiences and number of employee's that require training.

Tips on how you can build a corporate training strategy, and lead corporate culture change

Consult. If you want to build a strong corporate training strategy, consult  your employees. Having a discussion with your employees will give you an opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge and skills of the training program required. Consultation will allow you to exchange information and take workers' highlights and ideas into account. (Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument  can assist you to build strong employee engagement)

Review. If you have different training programs you want to deliver and want to understand their effectiveness, we suggest you review the feedback reports from the employees and management teams. Find out which programs are effective, which ones need to amended, or need to be ended.

Setting Up. Begin with setting up programs that need to be steady, attainable, and builds on change. From here, decide the next training and development programs. Most, if not all, creating a corporate training strategy and program formalises the progression. it is measurable, therefore, it’s important to consider how your business is going to take random training sessions and transform them into a more defined corporate training strategy.

Designing programs and training delivery.  Training programs play a vital role in developing employee’s competencies, improving their current knowledge and help them gain new proficiencies and learnings. Effective training programs assists employees to deal with the corporate culture changes, gives them different perspectives to look at the changes, endure the challenges with a positive outlook and chip in, to the overall success of your business and operations. Training programs need to be designed, keeping in mind the employee needs and requirements. Training needs to be precise, crisp and informative.

Training delivery. There are different options available, it is up to your business to decide the best effective way to deliver the training. Remember the efficiency of your training delivery will support the shift on corporate culture change strategy.

Classroom-based training: It is a traditional approach, that works well for businesses looking to train employees in one specific location. However, it may not be easy to manage if you want to train employees in multiple locations.

E-learning: Purpose-built e-learning training program is an efficient way to deliver training to employees, partners, and customers.

Blended learning: It is a mixture of the classroom based and e-learning, to deliver a more holistic training experience. For example, webinars or zoom trainings are a great choice to deliver a more interactive training to different audiences. (Whole Brain Thinking Model can assist you to develop precise, crisp and informative training programs that will be innovative but also increase the participation, cooperation and collaboration within your business and operations).



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