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We deliver first aid training courses in Cairns and QLD wide to people who either work in any industry where it is essential to understand the fundamentals of first aid or to people who simply value the skill. We can customise a first aid training that’s right for your industry needs at your workplace, at a time and day that suits you. If your workplace requires first aid training in Cairns, please contact WHS and training compliance for more information about our discounts on first aid training group booking.

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Feelings of anxiety are completely normal. Anxiety is an adaptive mechanism that warns us of impending dangers, allowing us to prepare. Evolutionary speaking, it increases our chances of survival; this is why it persists up until today. You may experience anxiety occasionally, especially at work when something important is up like a job interview or a big presentation. However, if you are anxious all the time for unclear reasons, you need to take a step back and assess your mental health.

Some people are born to achieve. You may be among those who never go without checking their emails, tweaking the proposal every chance they get to make sure it’s perfect or constantly multitasking to stay on top of their game. That is a commendable work ethic! Nothing wrong with that. Though you need to pay attention to how you feel when doing so. Anxiety leaves you restless and at times it makes you do more than what is necessary to keep the feelings at bay. It makes you feel as though everything is due immediately and that you need to do as many things as you can at once, even if it means compromising your work quality. You are in danger of experiencing burnout if you let this on. It’s time you manage your anxiety.

First aid training and certification can help you to assist someone with compassion. Organise an onsite first aid training in cairns to learn more contact us.

Too Anxious at Work? Manage Your Anxiety with These 4 Steps

Re-examine your thoughts – Having full knowledge about your tendencies, evaluate your thoughts when you find yourself bombarded with anxiety. Is the situation that bad? When anxious, your mind tends to amplify the severity of the situation. Thus, you need to specify what could go wrong what you can do to cope with the consequences.

Identify the causes of stress – Anxiety and stress could be driven by uncertainty. We don’t know that answer to everything but that shouldn’t keep you on your toes. Learn to recognize the root cause of your anxiety and do everything in your capacity to minimize it. You also need to acknowledge that some things are simply out of your control and you can’t do anything about it except to let it be.

Delegate – You’re part of a team. Remember to distribute the workload so you can narrow your responsibilities down and finish your tasks at a much quicker pace. Compare this to when you’re multi-tasking where you’re only getting a false sense of productivity and not making significant progress in any one of your tasks.

Set realistic expectations – There is a lot you want to happen immediately but think if you have the time, energy, and capacity to do so. Can you submit all 10 tasks in 24 hours? All on your own? If not, then readjust your goals.

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With severe anxiety and anxiety disorders, these strategies may not be enough. You will need to consult a mental health professional and receive therapy. These are but suggestions on how you can manage work-related anxiety and increase your overall quality of life.

If you’re interested in a first aid course and certification, you count on us at WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Cairns. Our courses touch topics related to occupational health and safety, fatigue management, and stress. Our service area includes Cairns, so you can call us to book your first aid course and class. Contact 07 5499 2406 for more about first aid course Cairns.

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