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It is one thing to have work health and safety policies and another to set these policies to motion. As workers face a variety of risks in the line of duty, companies should take precautionary measures to control these risks. A sure way of implementing this is through a Work Health and Safety Management System (WHSMS).

What is WHS Management System?

Work Health and Safety Management System is a systems-based approach in minimizing injury and health issues associated with jobs and services in the organization. It is an efficient and reliable work health and safety tool because it keeps track of practices and policies that address work-related risks. It helps organizations comply with the standards set by the Australian Work Health and Safety Act of 2011 or Occupational Health and Safety Laws.

What does WHSMS do?

WHSMS has a compressive approach to addressing workplace safety. It helps make the following tasks easier for the management:

  • Assessment of work-related risks
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of existing safety procedures
  • Documentation work health and safety plans
  • Implementation of WHS processes in line with the developed WHS plan
  • Auditing of WHS activities, making sure that they are according to what was proposed
  • Improving safety management and practices based on feedback
  • Raise awareness on safety and work health care through competency training
  • Preparation for certification of managers, supervisors, and safety officers

What are the benefits of WHSMS?

Every organization needs a WHS program to uphold its obligation to protect the welfare of its employees. WHSMS is an instrument that allows businesses to do this effectively through careful risk assessment, WHS implementation, and auditing. Being particular when it comes to safety management benefits the organization through:

  • Reduced medical compensation for workplace injuries
  • Added WHS awareness and skills among employees which they can channel into cautiousness
  • Active participation and commitment from senior management via regular audits
  • A safe work environment that encourages productivity
  • Good company reputation that attracts applicants and customers
  • A culture of compliance to the highest work health and safety standards

If you ever need help in developing a WHSMS process, you can count on us at WHS & Training Compliance Solutions Brisbane, Australia. We are a Queensland-based WHS institution that offers help in the development and implementation of WHS policies and procedures. With us, is an audit team that can track your organization’s WHS activities and provides improvement feedback. We strongly believe that policy making on work health and safety is futile without concrete efforts. With WHSMS you can be confident that your employees are well-cared for and legislations surrounding workplace safety are complied with.

Learn more about WHSMS! Give our office a call at 07 5499 2406 or visit our website at whsandtrainingcompliance.com.au. Choose from our wide array of WHS services including mental health first aid and fitness for work training. We also assist in preparations for WHS certification in cities across Queensland, Australia like Brisbane, Townsville, Cairns, Caboolture, and Toowoomba. If you want to improve your organization’s health and safety initiatives, you know how to reach us!

International WHSMS Auditing and other regions

Our Auditors are experienced in ISO 45001 WHSMS Auditing, and ready to travel and conduct WHSMS Auditing in International platform. We can assist in WHSMS auditing, but also development of WHS policies and procedures, implementation of WHSMS. Contact us info@whsandtrainingcompliance.com.au


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