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ThinkAbout™ Problem Solving

Strategic Problem Solving

Whole Brain® Thinking Styles inspires and strategies individual’s strategic problem solving skills by applying hermann brain dominance instrument® quadrants.

Our preferred problem solving method is engrained in our chosen mode of thinking. Our technique might be different from the others. However, it does not mean it is the correct way or the only way to resolve an issue.

Various organisations have identified that a Whole Brain® method can give a framework. It will assist in making quicker and smoother decisions to solve the problems, that are impacting business outcomes, targets and goals. One organisation stated that estimated the cost of recurrent phone calls from the customers were between $12-$15 million dollars per annum. Nevertheless, utilising Whole Brain® problem solving, this company decreased their cost substantially by recognising:

  • Customer thinking preference indicators and
  • Modifying their responses to meet customer expectations, demands, and requests.

In this half-day Problem Solving workshop, attendees will acquire knowledge in utilising the Whole Brain® Problem Solving Method to organise, solve problems and attain long lasting outcomes, decisions and end results.

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Duration: 4 (four) hours

Course Fee: $ 415 (exclusive of GST)

Course Format:  Onsite or Public Classroom (in our nominated locations)

Prerequisites: HBDI Consultation (Comprehensive HBD Instrument profile debrief.)

Course Overview

When we are trying to resolve problems, we usually utilise our default preferred thinking style.

During the Strategic Problem Solving training course, you will have a clear understanding on:

  • Rewards of Whole Brain® Thinking within a collaborative team environment.
  • HBDI® Team Profile data to understand how individuals in a team interacts
  • Team strengths, performances and challenges.
  • Essential actions the team can take using Whole Brain® Thinking approach.
  • Team Planning ThinkAbout™ tool.
  • Different issues individuals can come across at work.
  • Effects of thinking preferences whilst resolving problems.
  • Whole Brain® Model and how other people around us resolve problems.
  • Whole Brain® Problem Solver and how to utilise it on actual business problems.
  • ‘Fix it!’ and ‘Do it!’ kind of problems and resolve them efficiently.

Key Units

  • The part and position of problems at work.
  • How thinking preferences influence problem solving.
  • The four distinguish steps of the Whole Brain® Problem Solver.
  • Hands-on problem solving exercises and activities.

WHS and Training Compliance Solutions provides ThinkAbout™ Problem Solving, Communicator and Decision Making workshops across Brisbane, Townsville and Toowoomba.  Our certified HBDI practitioners servicing across states and territories in Australia. We can provide workshops to our international customers. For further information contact us from 0754 992 406

What does Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument entail?

HBDI (Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument) supports us to identify the thinking preferences of those, in a pair and a group. The instrument also assists organisations who are impacted by bad decisions utilised to resolve problems.

It is designed to determine individuals thinking preferences and outlines how it connects with other aspects in their work setting. It is used in the corporate world to improve the teams:

  • Performance by aiding workers to be aware of their strong points.
  • Improve their quality of work.
  • Make creative decisions, and
  • Resolve problems effectively.

The tool or the program helps individual’s adapting their thinking preferences and enhance their brainpower to maximise business outcomes and profitability.

How does ThinkAbout™ Problem Solving training  assist me?

When Team members know each member’s worth and input, they can actively take part in activities. (Read our Blog: Incredible Benefits of Strategic Communication). Think about the time that you made a decision to resolve a problem, and always come up with the same outcome. When we adopt Whole Brain model and utilise the Problem-Solving method, we can find creative, long lasting and progressive outcomes, resolutions and advancement.

Who needs to attend ThinkAbout™ Problem Solving training course?

Anyone involved in implementation of Health and Safety strategy, policy development and decision making as well as - Supervisors, team leaders, project teams, managers, Health and Safety Representatives, Safety Teams and Managers, Health and Safety Committees

Why do I need to attend ThinkAbout™ Problem Solving training course?

By enrolling in the ThinkAbout™ Problem Solving training course you will learn to:

  • Resolve problems effectively.
  • Understand other people’s point of view.
  • Priotise problems and resolutions
  • Come up with creative and fact based outcomes.
August 22, 202201:00 PM-06:00 PMGeorge Williams Hotel Brisbane 317-325 George Street Brisbane Qld 4003