First Aid Training Course Townsville

First Aid Course Townsville

At first look, allergies are not threatening. What’s so bad with a few sneezes to pollen and pet hairs, right? They are pretty common and can mostly be treated with an antihistamine. However, an allergic reaction can become a medical emergency when it’s severe, causing restriction to a person’s airway. Have you met someone with this condition? If you have, then you know how cautious they are with their diet. They carry around auto-injections for when they have allergic reactions or identification jewelry to let others know they are vulnerable to certain allergens.

How to Administer First Aid on Severe Allergic Reactions

Why are people allergic, anyway? The answer lies in a person’s bodily chemistry. The immune system reacts to foreign substances as a way to protect the body from diseases. However, antibodies may recognize a substance as harmful even if it isn’t to most people. This causes then an allergic reaction. Every time the person encounters these substances, they experience symptoms such as watery eyes, swelling, and wheezing. At worst, the reaction could cause breathing difficulties, dizziness, a drop in blood pressure, and nausea. This is fatal unless treated immediately with epinephrine injections to the thigh. In situations like this, you need to be vigilant in spotting the signs and quick to find the patient’s EpiPen stash.

Below is the sequence of first aid response you need to note:

Call for help - Call Triple Zero (000) and inform the operator that you need an ambulance. You will need medical professionals to be there once the allergic flare has subsided to treat the patient’s residual symptoms.

Administer auto-injection - Ask the patient where the epinephrine shots are kept and quickly help them inject the reliever on their thigh.

Stay by the patient’s side - Keep the patient calm and constantly assure them that help is on its way and that the medicine will take effect soon.

Loosen their clothes - To help with their breathing, loosen any tight clothing around their bodies such as their necktie and shirt buttons. Help them lie on their back if they’re breathing fine and, on their side, if they experience vomiting and bleeding through the mouth. Such a position will help drain the fluids from their mouth and prevent choking.

Perform CPR - If you notice the patient stops breathing or coughing, performs cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) until professional help arrives at the scene.

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