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First Aid Course South Brisbane
We provide excellent services and courses when it comes to first aid course Brisbane Southside. We at WHS and Training Compliance Brisbane South would give you no chance to complain. A safer environment in an office makes the employees efficient and productive. Our first aid training courses would not only help the employees individually but help in forming a united bond specifically while helping each other.

Take a Mental Health First Aid course in Brisbane South today.

Have you ever seen someone suffering from a panic attack? Have you ever been in a situation like that before? Did you know exactly what to do?

An attack of panic is when someone feels intense fear and discomfort. This sudden and intense attack hits the person with palpitations, sweating, trembling, shortness of breath, and feelings of choking. A panic attack could be triggered by an existing anxiety disorder or it could be completely unprovoked, so help is still needed right away.

An education in mental health first aid will enable you to see panic attacks and other related disorders in a new light, as well as inform you of ways to assist them. This training program comes at a very low cost and will award a certificate at the end.

Treating Wounds: All You Need to Know and How to Address It

Scrapes and cuts are not alien to us. You have at least gotten one of either in the past week unless you’re very careful. It’s unfortunate how no one is THAT cautious to never experience a cut to the skin. There is nothing to worry about, as long as you know how to treat your wound. Do you, though?

We hope you’re not part of the population that subscribes to wound care myths, such as pouring alcohol on the wound to kill the bacteria! If you are, it’s high time to rethink your wound care practices because you might be doing more harm than good. A first aid course should not be necessary to set your habits straight, but it would significantly help how you approach injuries of all kinds and sizes in the future.

4 Basic Steps in Treating Wounds

Wash – Washing helps minimize further infection; it’s a routine that even you would recognize to be effective. Wounds attract infection-causing bacteria, and even more so when it’s un-sanitized. Always opt for running water to wash off dirt and debris lodged into the skin. Water is also cleaner that way, too. Go for soap variants that are mild to avoid irritation. Wash your hands while you’re at it.

Stop bleeding – Apply pressure on the wound using a clean towel or bandage. Hold it there for a few minutes until the blood coagulates and stops. It should be your priority to prevent loss of blood from the patient for this will trigger medical concerns that are beyond injury care.

Clean – Using a pair of tweezers, carefully remove all dirt and objects left on the wound. This, of course, can only be done once the wound has stopped bleeding. You can run it again under clean water or saline solution. Saline solution is a recommended wound wash because it is gentle enough to keep healing tissues intact and provides an environment for maximum healing.

Dress and cover – It is ideal to apply an antibiotic treatment on the affected area but in cases where it’s not available, simply cover the wound with a moist clean cloth. Minor scrapes can be left uncovered. Dressing and bandaging are needed to keep the wound from opening any further. Aside from protecting the injuries, these could also lessen the pain felt by the patient.

Even the simplest things, such as wound care, matter! Even you would appreciate it if someone comes to your rescue when you trip over in a football match or slip and hit your head in the office. Accidents happen all the time, including situations where you least expect it to be. Thus, a single first aid training Brisbane Southside holds value wherever you go. Feel the urgency, yet?

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If you are interested in getting first aid training in Brisbane South? Enrol in our mental health first aid classes in Brisbane South and earn a certificate by the end of the course! We also offer health and safety training beyond South Brisbane. Our mental health first aid training and courses are available across Queensland. For more information, talk to our representatives at 07 5499 2406.

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