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Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI), is an instrument to measure your thinking preference based on Whole Brain Model and how it affects your work performance. (This instrument is not a selection or competency measure, rather a preference measure)

These domains are as follows:

A- Logical, analytical, fact-based, quantitative

B- Organized, sequential, planned, and detailed

C- Interpersonal, feeling-based, kinesthetic, emotional

D- Holistic, intuitive, integrating, synthesizing

Right off the bat, which of these resonate with you the most?

Have you heard of the HBDI® (The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument)?

You may know it as the “thinking styles” assessment. For our clients, it is the most powerful and scalable tool they have.

Have you ever thought that perhaps a huge portion of the problems you encounter in the workplace is brought by your employees’ individual differences?

Given their diverse backgrounds and experiences, it’s natural for workers to adapt different ways of looking at things, processing information, and formulating their approach in solving technical problem questions. However, this shouldn’t be where you leave things be. There is a way to champion these differences so as to evoke a synergy that yields profitable outcomes.

That’s quite a mouthful so let us break it down for you.

Ned Hermann, the author of the Whole Brain Thinking model®, asserts that by understanding your fundamental thinking style, you come to realise whether it is indeed the best fit for the resolution of any immediate problem. Otherwise, you’re urged to carefully rethink your approach to include other more effective perspectives.

In essence, Ned Hermann believed that people are not confined to a singular thinking style. In fact, he theorized that there are four major thinking domains that everyone can possess a certain level of. It’s only that one or two of these thinking styles take the reins and drive our thought processes.


Simple as this may sound—it all begins with getting to know your dominant thinking style. This is systematically performed by a standardized self-report test called the Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI)®. HBDI measures the level which you are inclined to think in each of the above mentioned thinking areas. This process is aimed at improving individuals’ self-awareness and ability to adapt one’s thinking to respond to the needs of their team, partners, and consumers. With knowledge of where their decision-making is rooted from, employees are more guided to find unity with others’ ideas to arrive at the best imaginable result.

Better problem-solving techniques. It allows employees to leverage visual, auditory, and other sensory cues that register and resonate the quickest to their colleagues. For instance, if they observe a colleague to grasp a concept more when expressed in form of facts and measurements, then they will present it like so.

Increased teamwork. Understanding their colleagues’ HBDI urges members of a team to actively look for common ground in their ideas such that they are able to complement rather than clash with each other.

Improved decision-making skills. HBDI broadens a person’s perspective, so they can carefully account for extenuating factors in the success of a project and come up with a balanced and considered verdict for hindrances that may come along.

Our Services as a HBDI® Certified Practitioner

WHS & Training Compliance Solutions believes that every workplace deserves to enjoy its fullest potential; from the individual level where productivity is launched to the group level where collaborative work drives optimum performance.

Providing deep insight into your thinking preferences, the HBDI Profile and Reports reveal the impact of your thinking on your work.

The HBDI Pair Profile provides an in-depth analysis of two people and their thinking preferences, creating new opportunities for application and impact.

With 13 reports and a variety of data sets to explore, compare and contrast, the HBDI Team Profile takes a deep dive into the team’s composite thinking preference data.

10-minute survey to compare your team’s ideal focus to its current focus given the team’s mission and projects.

  • Team productivity and collaboration
  • Agile problem-solving
  • Creative thinking
  • Clear communication
  • Customer service ethic
  • Getting to know your customer
  • Sparking innovative thinking
  • Balanced decision-making

All these begin with how people think. More importantly, what people do with the knowledge about their thinking capacity; which is why it’s important for HBDI to be a highlight in employee assessment procedures.

HBDI profiles can be assessed individually, by pair, and in teams, catering to organisations with varying needs. If you are in need of direction and guidance to get a jumpstart at your HBDI program, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 07 5499 2406.

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