First Aid Refresher Course Brisbane

First Aid Refresher Course Brisbane

WHS and Training Compliance recommends refreshing your first aid training every 12 months (1 year) to ensure your skills are kept current and to maintain the self-confidence to deliver first aid in an crisis situation. First aid refresher is where you get an understanding or a refreshing course on what you did before and usually lasts up to 4-5 hours. WHS and Training Compliance Brisbane has successfully handled clients of all types are customer satisfaction has always been the priority. People who already have been accredited, it helps them in refreshing their memory and jog up anything they might have forgotten. You could always ping up or professionals working hard to ask any question regarding mental health first aid refresher training course in Brisbane and what the price is. Our first aid refresher trainers have been dealing with all kinds of industry, so we know what you are looking for.

Positive Affects of First Aid Refresher Course Brisbane

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What to Expect in Basic First Aid Course?

Assessment of injury – We don’t want to put medicine where it is not needed. The same thing goes for first aid. You don’t simply rush to resuscitate someone when all they need is a bandage, nor do you give them a Heimlich maneuver when they just sprained their ankle. To not further delay the care the patient requires, proper assessment is necessary. In the training, you will be taught how and where to look for bodily signs or environmental triggers.

Deliver CPR and conduct basic vital signs survey – A vital sign survey could come in handy especially when you find someone in an unconscious state. Is it a stroke? Check the pulse. Is it hypothermia? Get the person’s body temperature. The basic first aid course will teach you how to use some medical tools and improvise on the occasion wherein such tools are not available.

Bandage application and wound treatment – You will look forward to this part of the training program, where you will be asked to observe and demonstrate how to treat and protect wounds, scrapes, and bruises. There are different bandaging techniques for different injuries; all of which you will master at the end of the course.

Standard procedures in emergencies – At the height of the panic, there is a slight chance that you’d forget the sequence of things you need to do as a first aider. A basic 1st aid course Brisbane will give you suggestions on how to stay calm in these situations, as well as mnemonics for when your brain buffers. Expect simulations covering various injuries in which you can get a closer look into real-life emergency scenarios. That way, you have room to practice your skills and apply first aid knowledge from start to finish.

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Learn more about positive psychology through a mental health first aid refresher training course. At WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Brisbane, we offer First Aid Refresher Course Brisbane and stress management courses that will help you promote wellness and safety in the workplace. We also offer a first aid refresher course for CALM CARE suicide prevention and other situations involving intentional self-harm. We see the need for these skills at home, in the workplace, and community especially now with the rising toll of mental distress. Our first aid and refresher training programs are tailored-fit for businesses across Queensland, including Brisbane and Townsville. Classes can be online or onsite, depending on what suits you best. For First Aid Refresher Course Brisbane inquiries, call 07 5499 2406.

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