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WHS and Training Compliance have been serving clients for years and have gained a name as a reliable and competent provider of WHS training courses in Queensland. You could trust us because we have a solid reputation of only providing the best. In workplaces, safety always comes first and that cannot be compromised with. With the changing environment, we as a company and a team of professionals have developed ourselves to cater to individual client needs. For workplace health and safety courses Queensland, we have always been the first name to pop up for major businesses and companies. Let us help you turn your workplace into a safe and stress-free productive place with expert help.

WHS and Training Compliance Solutions, offering customised in-house work health and safety training courses, for all industries in Queensland.

We are specialised in training need analysis, training mapping, planning, organising and facilitating various WHS training courses. It is proven that investing employee OHS training and quality workplace WHS training programs will increase staff engagement. This will assist your organisation to meet WHS legislative obligations and responsibilities.

Improvements your workplace will have are:

  • Increased employee productivity,
  • Increased employee responsiveness and accountability,
  • Increase your organisations financial standing,
  • Decrease incidents and injuries rates,
  • Decrease workers compensation premiums, and
  • Increase employee engagement.

Our OHS training programs are customer focussed, contextualised to your industry. They are extremely engaging, interactive, and facilitated at your workplace by health and safety professionals, who are also experienced in learning and development. Our aim is to map, plan, organise and facilitate customised training contextualised to your industry requirements, and can be understood by anyone who is attending to our courses. We are experienced in Language, Literacy and Numeracy.

Why work with WHS and Training Compliance Solutions:

We are different, we don’t just teach, we inspire your staff for change, communication, consultation and cooperation.
We focus on your organisation,
We are highly qualified, experienced, knowledgeable and engaging WHS and L&D professionals.
We have worked in various industries.
We facilitate interactive and applied health and safety training courses using relevant videos, case studies, in class activities, in order to retain participation in the classroom.
Our prices are competitive.
Our expertise is training mapping, planning, organising and facilitating OHS training workshops entirely customised to your organisations requirements, WHS Management system, appropriate for your work environment and industry.

WHS courses facilitated in Queensland are:

  • WHS for Managers and Supervisors:

Participants of this course will have a better understanding of health and safety obligations, further their knowledge in health and safety and work towards the continual improvement of the safety performance in their workplace.

  • Effective workplace health and safety Consultation and Communication, and working with WHS Committees:

Participants of this course will have a better understanding of WHS Committees. This will enhancethe participation, consultation and cooperation of your management teams and employees.

  • Fatigue Management and awareness:

Participants of this course will learn the signs and symptoms of fatigue, legislative obligations of your workplace and workers. Your staff will learn about the impacts of fatigue, and helpful tips to manage fatigue within the workplace.

  • Fitness for Work:

Participants of this course will learn the requirements for fitness for work, Physical and psychological impairment, including causes of stress, fatigue, effects of alcohol and substance use, employee and employer obligations.

  • Bullying & Harassment:

Participants will learn, WHS and other applicable legislative obligations, personal and individual responsibility, accountability, and liability. This course explains the appropriate terminology, organisational policies, complaints handling process, issue resolutions and possible outcomes, required witness action and individuals addressing behaviours of concern.

  • WHS basics, and
  • WHS Induction.

Request an obligation free, competitive and hassle-free workshop quote. We are happy to assist your organisation to maximise the workplace health and safety awareness.


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