Calm Care Suicide Awareness Workshop

It is possible for someone to start thinking suicide is the only option when they show subtle signs that they are having difficulties coping with life. This half-day onsite workshop teaches how to recognise and help someone who is contemplating suicide through CALM Care’s Suicide Awareness program in Australia.

As a result, you will have the confidence to put your hand up to someone in crisis and engage them actively.

It has been designed to accommodate expectations of people with varying levels of engagement as well as steps to take to ensure the person’s safety and prevent suicide.

The Onsite Calm Care Suicide Awareness  Workshop is a crucial initiative aimed at enhancing the wellbeing of communities across Australia. 

This program has been successful in states like Western Australia (WA), Northern Territory (NT), Victoria (VIC), and Queensland (QLD). The workshop provides individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to identify and respond to signs of mental distress, potentially preventing suicides. In Tasmania (TAS), Australian Capital Territory (ACT), South Australia and New South Wales (NSW), the workshop has served as a vital tool in suicide prevention strategies, fostering a more aware, responsive community. As this initiative continues to grow, it’s evident that it plays a significant role in improving our communities’ health and resilience.


Face-to-face training or online half day (1/2)

During the program delivery you will learn:

  • Communicating with the person and reaching out to them.
  • How to determine if a person is contemplating suicide.
  • Taking steps to prevent suicide and ensure the person’s safety.
  • In order to help the person deal with pain and distress, use the “Calm Care” app.
  • There are 16 pages of information and examples in the CALM Care booklets that contain useful answers and practical questions at every stage of the conversation.
  • All the relevant Australian helplines and websites are listed in your workbook.
  • At the workshop, you will be able to access the ‘Calm Care’ app, which allows the person you support to reach out to their support network whenever they feel vulnerable.
  • Your certificate of attendance will be awarded once you complete the course.
  • To support your learning and development, you can access supporting materials as part of the course.
  • Research-based connections to save someone’s life are provided by this evidence-based program.

For an inclusive and comprehensive Calm Care Suicide Awareness Workshop, feel free to reach out to us for a specific quote. Our reach is expansive, covering all states and territories within Australia. Whether you are based in South Australia (SA), Western Australia (WA), Northern Territory (NT), Victoria (VIC), Queensland (QLD), Tasmania (TAS), Australian Capital Territory (ACT), or New South Wales (NSW), our team is committed to delivering high-quality suicide awareness training. Contact us today and let’s work together to make a difference in our communities.

It is our goal to have as many as 20 participants, with a minimum of 10. Should the number of participants be less or greater, we would be glad to discuss alternatives with you.

Any destination outside (50km) Brisbane, we charge travel expenses. You can get a cost estimate by letting us know where you are located. Typical travel expenses will be accommodation, flights, airport transfers, carpark or if driving petrol.

As a company, WHS and Training Compliance Solutions is committed to improving the psychological health of the workplace and providing training programs that achieve real results.  As the founder of WHS and Training Compliance Solutions, Sebnem Bulan-Worth aims to provide workplace Psychological Health and WHS training solutions that are both high quality and client-focused.

Our Calm Care Suicide Awareness Workshop training is delivered extensively across all states and territories in Australia. We have established a strong presence in South Australia (SA), Western Australia (WA), Northern Territory (NT), Victoria (VIC), Queensland (QLD), Tasmania (TAS), Australian Capital Territory (ACT), and New South Wales (NSW). Our commitment is to support communities across these territories by providing comprehensive training that fosters awareness and understanding of suicide prevention. The Calm Care initiative is making significant strides towards suicide prevention across Australia, ensuring that no region, however remote, is left unsupported.

Our goal at WHS and Training Compliance Solutions is to provide learners and employers with the confidence that any workshop and training program we deliver describes a competent individual in all aspects of the training attended.

What is the importance of improving your communication skills when it comes to suicide awareness? 

In order to prevent suicide and to promote open and safe conversations about this topic, we must use language that is helpful and respectful.

People are more likely to offer or seek assistance when communication is open and safe.

Communication tips to help you be more effective.

  • It is always best to avoid using labels and acronyms when addressing or referring to others.
  • You should respect the experiences and opinions of people by using neutral, inclusive words and phrases.
  • When talking about suicide and people, consideration should be given to the words you use. The use of alternative language may be appropriate depending on the context, preference, or culture of the audience. In general, people impacted by suicide are deemed more neutral and inclusive by the use of the term ‘people impacted by suicide’.

Appropriate Language 

In discussing suicide, it is essential that language is factual and careful. By replacing problematic language with neutral and respectful language, we change how society reacts to and understands suicide. The conversation about suicide can be made safer.

Committed refers to someone who is criminal or immoral or who has committed an offence.  There is no crime associated with suicide. Early in the 1970s, it was decriminalised. 

It is never about success or failure when it comes to suicide; it is a tragic outcome of many complex factors that have lasting effects. As opposed to a task or project, it is not something to accomplish.

There is no such thing as a successful suicide attempt or a failed suicide attempt. It is important to use factual and careful language when discussing suicide.  Suicide or suicide attempts are common causes of death. An individual may have personally experienced a suicide attempt or may have witnessed someone else’s suicide attempt.  By using safe language, words that describe suicide in a positive or negative way will be avoided.

Speaking in neutral, factual, and respectful language is less stigmatising. There can be negative connotations attached to some descriptive language. It is imperative that we communicate openly about suicide in order to avoid further stigmatisation and promote prevention.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information or to discuss your Onsite CALM Care Suicide Awareness Workshops needs. 

Choosing us for onsite CALM Care suicide awareness workshops provides many benefits.

In today’s world, staying up-to-date and maintaining your skills is crucial. Therefore, suicide prevention and intervention training are crucial.

Our onsite workshops are available to all businesses in Australia so that employees can improve their skills and put what they learn to use right away.

Our WHS and Training Compliance Solutions training has been provided to communities and companies across Australia for many years. We take mental health issues and psychological hazards within the workplace seriously, and we keep up with the latest best practices.

The experience and expertise we have gained as a leading company in the industry make WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd your best option.

  • A key component of our approach is the use of evidence-based practices.
  • What we do is provide qualified, experienced trainers to deliver best practice programs.
  • Our courses are developed by experts in their fields.
  • Continually improving the quality of our courses is our goal.

You can learn more about all our face-to-face courses in Queensland by visiting our website or contacting us.

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Do you want to know more about Onsite CALM Care Suicide Awareness Workshops around Australia? 

In Queensland, CALM Care Suicide Awareness Workshops are available face-to-face. Depending on the location, different courses may be offered at different times. Get in touch with WHS and Training Compliance Solutions today to speak with our team about the courses available in your State or Territory. 

The company also offers virtual workshops along with onsite sessions within Australia.

We have received positive feedback about the enthusiasm of our trainers from all of our students during these courses. Corporate clients trust WHS and Training Compliance Solutions to provide them with training to grow their businesses. 

Training that builds employees’ mental health and wellbeing is becoming increasingly important for Australian businesses. It is important to focus on mental health and wellbeing in order to attract and retain top talent, as well as to raise productivity.  The WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd team receives numerous requests from employers seeking assistance with building this program. 

Providing engaging and thought-provoking learning experiences in Queensland and other Australian states and territories  – South Australia (SA), Western Australia (WA), Northern Territory (NT), Victoria (VIC), Queensland (QLD), Tasmania (TAS), Australian Capital Territory (ACT), and New South Wales (NSW); is one of the specialties of our facilitators.

Adult learning principles are used to deliver face-to-face training to ensure learners are fully engaged.

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