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First Aid Training ToowoombaFirst aid helps in different paths of life and knowing it is an important skill that everyone should achieve. If you are looking for a reliable first aid certificate and training provider in Toowoomba, we will be the right choice. Serving industries of all magnitude, we know how to cater to you individually. Our first aid courses are designed keeping in mind all the requirements you have placed and wanted and what would be best for your company. Our trainers with years of experience keep in mind each employee’s opinion. For first aid course and training in Toowoomba, Queensland, Contact WHS and training compliance Toowoomba and we would schedule training sessions as per your flexible timing.
Stress and burnout are easily mistaken for each other. However, while stress is fleeting and reduced once the stressor is eliminated, burnout is suffered when a person is exposed to prolonged stress. Often used in the work setting, burnout is much more familiar to people undertaking demanding and time-pressured jobs. Though perceived as mostly psychological, burnout manifests physically, too, causing lethargy, fatigue, muscle pains, and headaches. That’s a lot to bear on top of the experienced emotional strain.
Burnout is typically caused by a sense of chaos or lack of control over responsibilities at work. It could be triggered by overtly unfair company policies or treatments from higher management. Very often, it could be due to a person’s values and goals that are not aligned with that of the organization. A study by Wigert and Agrawal in 2018 showed that up to 23% of employees experience burnout all the time and this affects their performance. It has negative implications for the company because burnt-out individuals are likely to use up their sick leaves if not, look for a different job.
This being considered, there is a need for organizations to start initiatives to combat burnout. It doesn’t take much to care for your employees’ well-being. A little tweak in certain practices can take your whole team a long way as far as mental health is concerned. Did you know that a mental health first aid course can help you pursue this? Among the things you can learn in the certification training are coping strategies and suggestions on how you can minimize burnout. Below are a few you can consider:


Burnout and How to minimize its Effects in 4 Ways

Clarify roles and responsibilities When an employee’s roles overlap, they tend to be overwhelmed, spending more than figuring things out that getting work done. Add the deadlines to the picture and it’s a recipe for burnout.

Avoid over-committing – Burnout can be avoided by simply drawing the lines on what you can and cannot do for others. Learn to say “no”. This doesn’t mean that you should avoid responsibilities but instead understanding your capacity.

Create a system – Rather than figuring things out as you go, try building a system that organizes your tasks according to when they are due. Set a tracker or take the time to prepare the minute details ahead of time so you can stay focused on the essentials.

Take reasonable breaks throughout the day – Stand up from your desk occasionally or walk outside to get some air. Take that coffee break. Trust us. These will help you clear out your head space and realign your jumbled thoughts. Burnouts can be bred when you’re overwhelmed.

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If you can patch up a wound, you can pick yourself up from vital exhaustion. Mental health first aid is less talked about but a much-needed skill in the workplace. There are various similar courses available for you in Toowoomba. Access them through our website at WHS & Training Compliance Solutions Toowoomba. We offer training certification on occupational health and safety across Queensland, including Brisbane, Toowoomba, and Townsville.

The power of first aid course and mental health awareness in an organization is unmatched. We have seen its positive impacts and we want you to benefit from it. Call us at for 07 5499 2406 to learn more about First Aid Training Course Toowoomba.

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