Onsite Workplace Sexual Harassment Prevention Training


Onsite workplace sexual harassment prevention training: What is it?

Sexual harassment is a persistent and a significant problem within the workplaces in Australia. Recent revisions of the laws, court cases, and complaints have identified that 54% of women report experiencing workplace sexual harassment regularly, making it the most common type of workplace psychological hazard. However, this number could be higher as the majority of people who do experience sexual harassment in the workplace don’t report it.

It’s time to put a stop to workplace sexual harassment, once and for all.
Onsite workplace sexual harassment prevention training is a method of educating and increase awareness about this widespread problem, and preventing it from occurring within the workplaces.

This premium course was developed for all stakeholders within a workplace, this includes employees, managers, supervisors, and leaders by Sebnem Bulan-Worth. It is designed to increase all stakeholders understanding of workplace sexual harassment, improve handling and responding to employee concerns and in due course prevent this serious workplace issue.

This course is developed based on years of research, cases and best practice. It covers the potential consequences for both individuals and workplaces if things go ‘wrong’. Increases knowledge on how to avoid this happening. Most importantly, Onsite workplace sexual harassment prevention training course will also be tailored to align with your organisation’s policies and procedures. The course also will outline what an individual can do at work if they are concerned about behaviours.

  • There are no prerequisites
  • Nil Pre-Entry Requirements
  • Nil as a unit of competency
  • 1 day duration
  • Maximum number of students: 20
  • Group Discounts

Module 1 – Introduction to workplace sexual harassment
Module 2 – Understanding Workplace Sexual Harassment
Module 3 – Sexual Harassment and Australian laws
Module 4 –Creating a safe workplace
Module 5 – Preventing workplace sexual harassment

Our course includes, theory, open discussions, group activities, practical scenarios from real court cases, review of the recent court outcomes.

4-5 Hours Training

The goal of the WHS for Managers and Supervisors programme is to give managers and supervisors with the information and skills they need to carry out their WHS duties. Managers, line managers, supervisors, and anybody else who wants to learn more about workplace health and safety.All members of an organisation’s workforce that includes:

• Boards of Directors, managing directors, chief executive officer
• Employees, contract workers, volunteers- (new and existing)
• Managers, supervisors, team leaders
• Suppliers

Managers and supervisors must be given additional specialised training on how to properly handle and manage cases of sexual harassment within the workplace.

Fees will depend on course number of attendees. Discounts apply for multiple bookings. Travel outside Brisbane will incur travel expenses.

Our minimum number for this training is 10.

WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd is the leading  training provider in Onsite workplace sexual harassment prevention training for organisations across Australia.

Legislations outline that sexual harassment is a coercion of a sexual nature and the unwelcome or inappropriate promise of rewards in exchange for sexual favours. Sexual harassment includes a range of actions from mild misbehaviours to sexual abuse or assault.

Workplace sexual harassment is a major psychological hazard that can harm the wellbeing of individuals. It can impact individual’s physical and psychological health and happiness, as well as job performance.

Noncompliance with the laws can escalate to substantial costs for workplaces, including fines, loss of reputation and high levels of staff hiring and firing rate.

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