Work Health and Safety Committee Training Brisbane, Australia

The committee on work health and safety is created to encourage worker participation in WHS policy making. It operates with the rationale that company executives and managers aren’t the only ones whose voice matters. The workers’ perspective is just as crucial in WHS consultation, especially as this immediately concerns their health and safety at work.

It’s essential that members of the WHS Committee, as well as other representatives with roles and responsibilities that are related to WHS, are appropriately trained in order to understand the hazards, risk that workers face on a daily basis. This is why we have developed committee training.


This course that lasts 5-7 hours (e-Learning) or 6 hours (Instructor led online training)

This course provides the skills and knowledge to establish and participate effectively in a Work Health and Safety Committee.

Learning Outcomes 

Upon completion of online work health and safety committee training course participants will be able to understand:  

  • WHS framework
  • Roles and responsibilities of the employer, workers, officers and others
  • The importance of WHS in the workplace
  • WHS Committees roles and functions,
  • Employer’s obligations and how to hold Committee Meetings
  • Communication and Negotiations
  • Effective Team Building
  • WHS Minute and Agenda writing, roles and responsibilities

This course is intended to assist Work Health and Safety committee members and Health and Safety Representatives (HSR’s) to perform their functions or appointed positions, when participating in a “Work Health and Safety Committee”.

Who Should Attend Online Work Health and Safety Committee Training?

Individuals with roles and responsibilities associated with Workplace Health and Safety Committees (supervisors, team leaders, managers, health and safety representatives and employees).

The Work Health and Safety Committee course, we’re offering aims to help workers and managers to understand their obligations under the WHS legislation. Training is provided two different modular formats:

E-learning (self-learning): is expected to give learners all the flexibility they need to complete the program. Participants can go through lessons as quick or as slow as they like; plus, they have the option to backtrack, refresh, and review previous topics whenever necessary. Resources will be found in online academy or student portal which participants will be given access to when they enrol.

Instructor Led Training (online video conference): The training will be broken down into 3 different 2-hour sessions, giving adequate time for learners to digest the topics. Among the things which will be discussed in the course are the WHS framework, the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder, how to properly engage with workers, and technical functions such as agenda writing, team building, and how to conduct committee meetings.

  • Course manual
  • Course certificate

This course is a non-accredited course, upon completion of this course, participants will be issued with a Certificate of Completion.

The cost of the training is – $195 including GST.

Online Learning

Self learning through online learning platform. Participants will be able to use the WHS and Training Compliance Solutions WHS Committee workbook and activities to work through the learning outcomes; or

Instructor Led (online video conference)

Online work health and safety committee training course is in an online tutoring through zoom in 3 sessions of 2 hours each. Participants will be able to use the WHS and Training Compliance Solutions WHS Committee workbook and activities to work through the learning outcomes.