Youth Mental Health First Aid Training

WHS and Training Compliance Brisbane have been working for a long time with companies in offering them with YMHFA training courses that has helped a great deal in increasing the productivity and turn the workplace into a happy one rather than stressful. You could trust us for we are the best in the field and understand what each company needs and cater to everyone individually. The rates are low and affordable and choose courses depending on your own flexible timing. With our Youth mental health first aid training and courses in Brisbane, we put emphasis on what the generation of today is suffering through and how co-workers could help and guide.

Youth mental health first aid strategies are taught in evidence-based training programs authored by Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Australia and conducted by accredited YMHFA Instructors across Brisbane, Queensland.

Youth mental health first aid is the help and support provided to a young person who is developing or experiencing or worsening a mental health problem, or who is in a mental health crisis (e.g., the person is having suicidal thoughts or behaviour, or non-suicidal self injury. If you are looking for a first aid training course, we have always been the best choice for many in this regard. Like physical first aid, youth mental health first aid is given until the young person receives professional help or until the crisis is resolved.

Youth Mental Health First Aid will:

  • Improve the knowledge about youth mental health problems,
  • Improve the understanding and acknowledgment of youth mental health problems,
  • Help a young person with a mental health problem seek professional help,

Reduce the stigma towards young people with mental health problems.


Face-to-face training for two days.

Any interested adult can attend this first aid course. Please note this first aid training course is not a therapy or support group, rather it is an educational training course to learn how to give first aid to young people, aged between approximately 12 and 18 years.

Developing mental health problems covered in the youth mental health first training are:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety problems
  • Psychosis
  • Substance and alcohol problems
  • Eating disorders

Mental health crisis situations covered during this course are:

  • Suicidal thoughts and behaviours
  • Non-suicidal self-injury
  • Panic attacks
  • Traumatic events
  • Severe effects of substance and alcohol use
  • Severe psychotic states
  • Aggressive behaviour.

If you are looking for a youth mental health first aid training and courses in Brisbane, QLD, we have always been the best choice for many in this regard.

  • Course Manual
  • YMHFA Accreditation and certificate

The cost of the training is – $295+GST

What is Youth Mental Health First Aid?

The Youth Mental Health First Aid Course (YMHFA) is for adults (over 18 years) helping, assisting, and supporting working or living with young people, aged between approximately 12 and 18 years.

Youth Mental Health First Aid course teaches adults how to assist adolescents who are developing or experiencing a mental health illness or in a mental health crisis. During the 14 hours of YMHFA training course, participants will learn about adolescent development, the signs and symptoms of the common mental health problems in young people, where and how to receive help when a young person is developing a mental illness, what sort of help and support has been shown by research to be effective, and how to provide mental health first aid in a crisis situation.

Our Brisbane, Queensland based Youth Mental Health First Aid course is particularly suitable for parents and families, teachers, school staff, sports trainers, coaches, and youth workers.

Mental health is an important issue across all age groups and experiences. Mental illness has a major impact on the young person’s well-being, functioning, and development, both in the short and long term. This could stead from lower education outcomes, unemployment, poor social participation, and substance abuse. This also can put young a person at greater risk of intentional self-harm and suicide. In 2020, 454 young Australians aged 15-24 died by suicide.

It is important to intervene early and provide support to the young person in order to improve mental health and well-being. By intervening early, improving knowledge around mental health, and encouraging the person to seek help. It may be possible to prevent the short-term detrimental effects of mental health disorders, but also to safeguard young people from long term effects. The long-term problems young person may face are ongoing cycles of the dysfunction and disadvantage that may result when mental health disorders remain untreated into adulthood.