Workplace Diversity

The Online Workplace Diversity training will help participants understand what diversity is, and how they can help build diversity at work. Participants will learn strategies for removing barriers and stereotypes, and to encourage diversity in the workplace.

Workplace diversity is when organisations open their doors to employees of different backgrounds, education, cultures, and gender to empower individuals whom society has always pushed to the margins. It is a practice that highlights individuals’ qualifications, shared values, and skills more than any inherent characteristic that had traditionally been used to inhibit their growth.

A diverse workforce is slowly becoming the norm in workplaces around the world, especially with the rise of technology and globalisation. More particularly, the surge of teleconferencing platforms and social networking sites allowed people from opposite ends of the world to communicate and work together. These pave the way for a more heterogeneous workplace teeming with creativity and market-specific ideas.

If it doesn’t involve international hiring, workplace diversity may come in the form of improving recruitment processes such as that hiring officers are aware of how their preconceived notions of others can affect their decision-making.


This course that lasts 4 (self-learning)

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this course participants will achieve the knowledge to:

  • Explain the definition, terms about diversity.
  • Describe the meaning of stereotypes and biases, how they develop, and the reasons for your own perspectives.
  • List strategies for removing barriers to encouraging diversity for yourself, in the workplace, and in the social community.
  • Use active listening skills to receive messages in a diverse population, employ effective questioning techniques, and communicate with strength.
  • Understand the importance of body language, both your own, and that of others, and recognise its importance in interpersonal communications.
  • Identify ways to encourage diversity in the workplace and prevent and discourage discrimination.
  • Understand and respond to personal complaints and develop a support system to manage the resolution process.
  • List the steps a manager should take to record a complaint, analyse the situation, and take appropriate resolution action.

Identify the process an organisation must follow to receive and respond to a complaint, and then creating mechanisms to prevent or reduce repeat situations.

  • Course manual
  • Course certificate

This course is a non-accredited training. You will receive a certificate of attendance upon completion.

The cost of the training is – $95 including GST.

In today’s job market, workplace diversity is an essential aspect of company culture. Many companies are recognising the importance of diversity and inclusion training as a deciding factor for employees when choosing employers. Unconscious bias is something that diversity training addresses, as most people have it without realising it. To create a more inclusive environment, companies can choose from a range of elearning workplace diversity training programs that cover topics such as developing a sense of belonging, and countering unconscious bias. These programs can help employers to understand the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and how to create a more welcoming environment for all employees. Our online workplace diversity training program, which covers four major parts: improving employee engagement, countering unconscious bias, workplace diversity and inclusion, and fostering inclusiveness. With these training programs, companies can work towards building a diverse workforce that is inclusive and welcoming to everyone.

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Benefits of workplace diversity

Good company reputation. Being an organisation that nurtures people for their talents rather than their race, gender, religion, etc. helps you establish yourself as an industry leader worth emulating. You’re also likely going to attract more talented employees because they see themselves safe from discrimination within your company walls.

A wide variety of perspectives. If you have a cultural melting pot as a workplace, expect to have a regular flow of unique perspectives and rich ideas. People’s way of thinking is highly shaped by the values they grew up knowing, thus employee’s take on a single problem can be different, leaving you with a lot of options to choose from.

High morale and performance. When employees observe that their voice is valued and their ideas are considered, they are likely to feel that the work they do is meaningful. This may boost motivation, morale, and performance— a win for both employees and the organization.

Formation of mutual respect and sensitivity. Diversity spurs people to learn more about each other cultures and ways of life and to be able to work effectively together, they must be extra mindful about their words and actions so as not to offend the other. Through this process of accommodation, employees learn to value respect and being culturally sensitive. In effect, they actively take part in keeping the workplace a safe environment (with the help of strongly WHS policies).

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