Developing a Resilient Mindset Training Australia

Workplace challenges are inevitable, but we can build resilience to them. Having a corporate resilience training program helps your employees identify, manage, and bounce back from challenges more quickly. Team resilience is an essential component of a mentally healthy and thriving corporate team, especially in high-stress or dynamic environments that are experiencing disruptive changes. Employee engagement and workplace resilience training helps to enhance engagement by recognising and overcoming negativity biases.

People learn how to challenge their automatic negative thoughts and think and behave more productively. The goal is to learn to adapt and interpret events more realistically, which empowers people and gives them control over their actions and thoughts.

Leaders and organisations can be strengthened by Corporate Resilience Training by showing them how to find opportunities when things get tough. Employee engagement can be raised or lowered by leaders; they are one of the key levers. By changing their automatic thinking, leaders learn to recognise and overcome their own negativity bias. They can also contribute to their teams’ engagement and model it themselves. Managers can convey leadership by providing resilience training in the workplace.

For an effective onsite training program on developing a resilient mindset, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are proud to offer our specialized services across all states, including SA, WA, NT, VIC, QLD, TAS, ACT, and NSW. Our experts are committed to providing high-quality training tailored to suit your needs. We understand the importance of a resilient mindset in today’s fast-paced work environment. By choosing our onsite training, you can enable your team to build resilience and adapt to changes more effectively. 

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Face-to-face, onsite or online for one day.

The Developing a Resilient Mindset ™ training course is for understanding resilience and strategies to enhance resilience at work. Developed by TRACOM® Group (Adaptive Mindset For Resiliency – AMR).

Course Objectives:

  • Recognising personal stress and the effect it has on behaviour.
  • Identifying strengths in terms of personal resilience.
  • Enhance resilience using key strategies.
  • Resilient Mindset Multi-Rater and self rating Questionnaire. (see below for explanation)
  • Resilient Mindset Multi-Rater Profile Report * (see below for explanation)
  • Resilient Mindset Resource Guide
  • Resilient Mindset Workbook
  • Resiliency Road Map and Action Plan.

The cost of the training is – $675+GST per attendee

Developing a resilient mindset training program also delivered online through zoom and onsite. Contact us for more information. 

We invite you to contact us for our onsite ‘Developing a Resilient Mindset’ training. This program is designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to build a resilient mindset, crucial for personal and professional growth. We offer this onsite training across various locations including SA, WA, NT, VIC, QLD, TAS, ACT, and NSW. Our team of expert trainers is committed to delivering high-quality training, tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you are based in SA or NSW, VIC or QLD, ACT or TAS, WA or NT, our onsite training is designed to bring out the best in you.

Let us assist you in developing a resilient mindset to face the challenges ahead.

What does “workplace resiliency” mean?

We spend at least 8 hours a day, a third of our day at work. Individuals need to be capable of recognising what is causing the stress in the workplace. This will assist individuals to place steps to progress forward.

Resilience gives individuals the capacity to deal with ongoing stress, adapt efficiently to change. It supports them to address work challenges, and frustration.  Furthermore, it assists individuals respond to stressors of work effectively.

Workplace resiliency is more than the ability to ‘bounce back’.

Resilient individuals have:

  • Solid resources
  • Skills to manage stress and conflict
  • Strong communication, and
  • Support network to assist them to face workplace pressures.

How workplace resilience assists individuals and workplaces?

Resilience is about learning ways to cope with unfavourable situations. It is also about recognising behaviours that will assist people to move forward. It supports people not to get trapped in negative emotions that are harmful to their overall mental health and wellbeing.

What causes negative emotions within the workplace?

  • Negative work culture
  • An atmosphere where individuals are not encouraged or supported
  • Pressure, heavy workload, unrealistic deadlines
  • Insufficient and poor communication
  • Uncertainty and low responsibility
  • Mental health and mental health problems are not cared for
  • Discrimination

Highly resilient people respond challenging workplace atmosphere with greater flexibility, and pull through from the workplace challenges.

What is Resilient Mindset Multi-Rater Profile Report?

“The Adaptive Mindset for Resiliency™ – Multiple Rater Profile” provides the detailed profile of a person’s Resiliency. This program utilises an online multiple rater (5 people that you have assigned) questionnaire and gives a detailed report in conjunction with the nine dimensions of the Resilient Mindset Model™ (Filter, Act, Interact)

What is Resilient Mindset self rating?

“The Adaptive Mindset for Resiliency Self-Perception Profile” utilises a self-initiated online questionnaire to evaluate a person’s own view of their Resiliency.

Where does workplace resilience fits in mentally healthy workplace programs?

There are wide range of interventions for preventing mental health problems and assisting individuals with mental illness with the workplace.

  1. Prevention:

Prevention programs assists everyone in the workplace. This prevention programs are educational, informative and can be:

  • Workplace bullying and harassment training programs
  • Workplace resilience training programs
  • Promoting mindfulness, fatigue management
  • Promoting EAP programs
  • Stress management courses
  • Workplace policies and procedures for employee wellbeing
  • Promoting mentally healthy workplaces

The aim of the program is to assist individuals to learn the skills they need to form positive, healthy state of mind within the workplace.  The preventative programs give encouragement to employee’s attitudes, norms, and values by empowering them. This where the workplace resilience programs fit into.

  1. Early Intervention:

Early intervention programs intention is to prevent mental problems from becoming more serious. And aims to reduce the secondary effects of mental health problems – loss of job, conflicts, substance use problems and anger/frustration to workplace.

Early intervention is the area where Mental Health First Aid Officers comes into the place. They recognise and provide helping/supportive hand to people experiencing mental health problems, and encouraging them to seek professional help.

Benefits of Mentally Healthy Workplaces

All workers can benefit from mentally healthy workplaces. Workplaces with high priority on mentally healthy programs, encourage preventative agendas. It connects workers to support for improving their recovery.

Workplaces: Mentally healthy workplaces offer workplaces with many benefits including:

  • Reduces workplace costs,
  • Reduce high staff turn over
  • Retaining organisational knowledge, skills and experience
  • Productivity
  • Increased customer relationships
  • Supported, valued and engaged workers
  • Employee commitment

Employees: Mentally healthy workplaces can provide employees with many benefits including:

  • Confidence
  • A feeling of belonging
  • Financial security
  • A sense of purpose
  • Achievement
  • Social acquaintances and networks.

What does Online Workplace Resiliency Training entail?

Online training is an alternative delivery method to traditional classroom training.  Instead of learners attending in a physical classroom (Brisbane, Toowoomba, Townsville) course is delivered in a virtual classroom. Contact us for more information.

What does Onsite Workplace Resiliency Training entail?

On-site training is one of the most feasible way to facilitate Workplace Resiliency training program. Our on-site trainer will be able to deliver this training program to meet your challenges, culture, business and learning objectives. We can travel across Australia. To learn more about Workplace Resilience training program, contact us.

Reach out to us for our top-tier onsite ‘Developing a Resilient Mindset’ training program. 

We offer robust and comprehensive courses that are designed to equip individuals with the tools and strategies required to build resilience and emotional strength. Our services extend across various locations, including SA, WA, NT, VIC, QLD, TAS, ACT, and NSW. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality onsite training designed to address the specific needs of our clients. Our team of experienced trainers are committed to fostering an environment of growth and resilience. 

Contact us today and let’s start your journey towards developing a resilient mindset.

Workplace resiliency is a critical skill that enables individuals to navigate the stresses and challenges of the work environment.

It is about more than just ‘bouncing back’ from adversity, it involves recognising the sources of stress, whether they be in SA, WA, NT, VIC, QLD, TAS, ACT, NSW, or any other location, and putting measures in place to effectively manage and adapt to these situations. Resilient individuals exhibit solid problem-solving abilities and a capacity to efficiently handle ongoing stress and change.

Onsite training can play a pivotal role in fostering workplace resiliency, equipping employees with the tools and strategies needed to successfully navigate their work environment.