Onsite First Aid Training Course Brisbane

Onsite First Aid Training Course Brisbane

The object of our onsite first aid training Brisbane is to help you grow and become aware of all the safety hazards that might be present and how you could deal with it. We have been doing this for years and understand that employees do well when training sessions are conducted in their comfort zone. You would find us available for you depending on your flexible timing. Our onsite first aid courses are curated keeping in mind each company and their individual needs. Trust WHS and training compliance Brisbane in terms of affordability because we set a realistic price. We provide the required skills, knowledge and understanding of onsite first aid training course for everyone.

Raising Awareness of Mental Health

If you advocate for mental health in the workplace alone, chances are you wouldn’t make as much an impact as you would when everyone has their hands on it. Thus, it’s better to build a system or cultivate a culture that supports mental wellness.

There are hundreds of thousands of establishments in Brisbane and yours isn’t an exemption to the epidemic which is burnout and mental distress. You will need to do something to sustainably care for your employee’s well-being. One thing that can help you do so is an onsite first aid training course which will not only raise awareness on the stigma attached to mental health, but as well as provide strategies on how you can make friendlier working space.

5 Ways You Can Create a Workplace Supports Mental Wellness

To start, check out these tips we listed below:

Create policies – Make policies that highlight your organization’s initiatives in promoting mental health in the workplace. It should be specific, complete with methodology, budget allocation, and officers in-charge to sustain and implement the policies. The programs could include mental health first aid training, stress management, and an updated grievance process. Most importantly, the policy should be communicated to the employees clearly.

Build a company culture that favors mental health – You need to reinforce your mental health training through better work practices to fortify your drive for mental health. You can conduct disposition checks at least once a month in your meetings not only to keep up to date with your employees’ lives, but also to encourage a culture of openness and compassion. Showing interest in their mental dispositions sends the message that you care and that they can share their thoughts without judgment.

Review your rewards system – Bias, favoritism, and discrimination can be damaging to the employee morale and mental health. You would not want a shadow of these things lurking in your workplace. This is why you should review your reward system, specify the standards that comprise success, and communicate it to your employees.

Train upper management – Employees have their fair share of terrible boss experiences. Though it’s commonplace, it shouldn’t be the norm. Make it a point to train upper management better leadership skills. It helps to keep them in touch with their subordinates through transformative direction and mental health sensitivity. Equip managers and supervisors with effective mediation strategies for when they find themselves in between employee squabbles. It’s better to have several mental health agents on your side. An environment that supports mental health requires team effort, just like any other organizational goal.

Book an Onsite first aid course today that meets your first aid needs

Indeed, radical changes in the workplace can be made with a little help from the professionals. Book an onsite first aid training class with us today. We are a work health and safety training provider that offers mental health first aid certifications in cities across Queensland, such as Brisbane and Cairns. Our first aid courses are available online or onsite, depending on availability and preference. Check out our on site first aid course and mental health certification programs in our website or give us a call at 07 5499 2406 for more details. Our representatives would be happy to assist you.

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