Online InductionBenefits of Online Induction Programs

Forewarning is forearming.

As an employer, you must protect your employees from work-related risks and accidents. An important step in doing so is educating them about proper workplace health and safety practices. Induction programs are intended to cover these topics preparing them for the jobs’ potential risks, physical demands, and safety protocol.

What is an online induction?

Induction is a process conducted by HR, supervisors or business owners which provides the new employee a good look at the organisation’s rules and regulations regarding safe work. The induction is administered with the help of technology, making it an online course instead of a face-to-face orientation.

In an online induction, you can expect the following:

  • Mental and physical risks related to the position being filled
  • Necessary tools and machine that pose potential harm to the employee
  • Company policies surrounding health and safety
  • Legal obligations of the employees and sanctions should they violate safety protocols
  • Emergency standard operating procedures such as emergency evacuation and fire extinguishing
  • Safety officers to approach with health and safety concerns
  • Other WHS training
  • Internal policies such as Human Resource.

Online inductions as platforms to raise awareness

Induction could also be used as a platform to communicate ongoing initiatives, such as work-life balance and return-to-work programs. You could also include a schedule for annual workshops, team building activities, and community outreach to give the employee a feel on the culture and dynamics of the organisation. If you are also trying to raise awareness on important issues such as gender sensitivity and racial equality in the workplace, then you must reflect this in the online induction material. This allows the employee to act in ways that complement the team.

Inductions must be conducted as soon as the employee’s application is accepted. It helps them warm up to the job and set a good foot forward. What quicker way to cover all talking points than to do it online, right? At the employee’s preferred time, place, and pace. Curious what more can online induction programs do? Read on.

  • It helps speed up the employee’s requirement and contract processing.
  • It secures the employee's documents such as education credentials, previous employment certificates, and other government-mandated insurances.
  • It saves you time because courses can be studied at home before the employee starts his/her first day at work.
  • It has everything in one place including handbook, written copies or work health and safety policies, and other important documents. Thus, it’s efficient.

You can enjoy the benefits of online inductions now with our help. WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd Brisbane can assist you with induction set up and course management until your employees, contractors are equipped with all the competencies they need to blend into your workforce.

At WHS & Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd Brisbane, we can integrate knowledge on workplace safety into the training program and conduct skills certification in related areas. We set up work health and safety management systems and implement WHS processes. To fully ensure compliance to work safety regulations in Australia, we have a team of qualified auditors who monitor WHS practices regularly.

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