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Have you ever met someone struggling with a panic attack? If you have, did you exactly know what to do that very moment?

A panic attack is a condition in which a person is flooded with intense fear and discomfort. It is abrupt and it reaches a peak wherein the patient experiences palpitations, sweating, trembling, shortness of breath, and feelings of choking, to name a few. It could be triggered by existing anxiety disorders or it could be completely random and unprovoked, thus still in need of immediate help.

Taking a mental health first aid course will help you see panic attacks and other related disorders in a different light, as well as inform you of the ways it can be relieved. These classes come at a cheap mark and will give out a certificate at the end of the training program. Below is a crash course of panic attack first aid; a look into what you can expect from the courses we offer in North Brisbane.

Panic Attack: All You Need to Know and How to Address It

Trigger – panic attack can be triggered by an object of fear or anxiety-laden situation. Otherwise, suggest the person sit down. Be calm. Having existing depressive, stress-related or anxiety disorders raises the chances of a person suffering from panic attacks. It pays to note your friend’s psychological history. If you’re assisting a stranger, ask the right questions and wait to be instructed.

Encourage them to take even breaths – During a panic attack, the patient feels as though they are going heart attack or about to die. Just being reminded of these fears intensifies their panic attacks. As a first aider, you need to calm them down but encouraging slow, even breaths.

Calm them down – Given that the patient has confirmed that the event is indeed a panic attack, provide them with information about their condition, when the person is able to listen. Assure them that the panic attack is not fatal, though their fear and anxieties are as real as they can get. Tell them that the symptoms will subside within minutes if they continue breathing evenly.

Encourage professional help – When the patient has completely calmed down, ask if they need to see a health care professional quick. If the patient refuses, recommend expert help such as cognitive and behavioural therapies, in their chosen time and place. Sell the idea of increased quality of life and freedom in the routines and activities they can enjoy.

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Learn how to execute these things properly in real-time through a first aid course North Brisbane. You’ll never know how much help you can be to your friends until you assist them in overcoming their panic attacks. Your first aid training could not only help them, but also strangers, your family, and colleagues. Even if you encounter the condition yourself, you can be more strategic in minimizing the symptoms.

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