WHS Online Training Brisbane & Australia


What is online training?

Online training is a learning experience supported by technology where students can learn in the comfort of their homes. There are benefits that only online training could provide. These include:

  • Privacy
  • Convenience
  • Time flexibility
  • Self-pace learning
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Online training, tutorials, and webinars are at the height of internet consumption these days. People use these platforms to either acquire new skills or earn certification for professional use. Because of the benefits it has in store for businesses, work health and safety compliance training can now be accessed through this platform.

Benefits of WHS Online Training

Work Health and Safety is a company obligation that promises risk management and health protection for employees, contractors, and clients. It involves planning, implementation, and monitoring of all safety practices in the organisation, including management competency training and certification. This is where online training comes in handy; it makes the learning experience easier addition to the following benefits:

  • Online courses can be taken at the trainee’s chosen time and place—perfect for busy parents and professionals.
  • Sessions take less time to prepare as the only materials needed are computers and smartphones. You don’t need to organise the venue or fuss with visual instruments and other resource materials.
  • Certifications can be earned as soon as trainees complete the course requirements which could include work samples and demonstration videos.
  • No working hour is interrupted, unlike day-long workshops that require employees to sacrifice some earning hours.
  • Trainees have high control over their time and learning pace. If they wish to refresh their knowledge on the material, they can watch the recorded video and browse through the handouts.
  • Since they can work on the course independently, they can decide the hour which works best for them.
  • You can improve your WHS skills without feeling the need to compete with other trainees.

WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd Brisbane provides an easy alternative to companies who wants to cut down their expenses but still are comply with WHS regulations. If there is a perfect time which you can take advantage of the glories of new technology, it is today! Amplify awareness efforts on health and safety through training and workshop.

At WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd Brisbane, Australia, we are on board the e-learning experience. We are a work health and safety training provider based in Queensland that specialises in workplace safety and management. Our other services include:

  • Mental health first aid and awareness refresher
  • Interactive bullying and harassment training
  • Work health and safety management and auditing

We recognise the importance of proper mental health education in every business establishment. So, we have made it our mission to educate business owners, employees, contractors, and other professionals about risk control and workplace safety practices.

For inquiries, call 07 5499 2406 or visit our website if you wish to learn more about our services. Our WHS training courses services, both online and onsite are available across Queensland, including Cairns, Toowoomba, Caboolture, and Brisbane. We are excited to see you in one of our programs!