Work Health and Safety Training for Managers and Supervisors Brisbane

Work Health and Safety Training for Managers and Supervisors Brisbane

Managers, supervisors and team leaders, have range of responsibilities to improve, manage, assist and develop conforming WHS practices. WHS and Training Compliance Solutions will provide participants with the knowledge, skills and attitude to apply solutions to safety performance of their organisation.

These requirements outline that managers are required to have a better understanding on their legal role and responsibilities under the WHS Act. They are the driving force of the workplace health and safety, well-being, and the commitment required to implement an effective Health and safety management programs.

The objective of the WHS for Managers and Supervisors workshop is to provide managers and supervisors, knowledge and skills required to perform their responsibilities under the WHS legislation.

Managers, line managers, supervisors and any other person who wish to increase their knowledge in work health and safety, will benefit.


Completion of our WHS workshop, learners will be able to:

  • Interpret, understand, apply WHS legislation within the workplace.
  • Learn their roles and responsibilities and importance of workplace health and safety.
  • Apply risk management practice.
  • Be proactive and engage in workplace consultation, communication with all staff.
  • Promote safety leadership.
  • Learn their responsibilities in incidents, injury and illness prevention.
  • Understand significant importance of providing WHS information, instruction, training, support, and supervision.
  • Updated information on 2022 Key legislation changes and statistics.
  • Course Manual.
  • Certificate of attendance.

The cost of the training is – $315+GST

WHS for Managers and Supervisors Training program is delivered Nationally. 

Contact us for a customised onsite WHS training or in house WHS Training of our program, we have competitive pricing for group bookings.

Benefits of WHS for Managers and Supervisors Training

  • Increase WHS knowledge
  • Improve WHS participation
  • Continuous improvement of health and safety management processes
  • Improve managers knowledge in preventing
  • Participation in safety improvement plans
  • Identifying proactive ways of reducing the risks before an accident or an incident happens.
  • Providing a safer work environment.

Some of the key WHS roles of Managers and Supervisors are:

  • Know, understand, and contribute to their workplaces Health, Well-being and Safety Strategy;
  • Interpret, understand, apply WHS legislation within the workplace;
  • Lead by example and demonstrate positive safety leadership;
  • Understanding their role and responsibilities,
  • Lead WHS consultation on WHS matters, Consult and actively communicate with all staff, and their representatives on WHS issues;
  • Actively engage and promote health and safety;
  • Organise, participate and manage site inspections;
  • Gain Knowledge and understanding of safe operating procedures and practices and take responsibility for development of this procedures;
  • Identify, assess, control and monitor hazards within their area of responsibility.
  • Implement adequate risk controls within designated time frames, consultation with the workers;
  • Ensure everyone in the business receive site inductions, training and supervision;
  • Ensure everyone follow WHS policies and procedures;
  • Participate in workplace accidents and incidents investigations, and ensure the WHS Regulator is advised of any serious incident or dangerous incidences within time frames;
  • Ensure all plant, equipment and structures are properly maintained and maintenance records are kept.

I = Increase your and workforce’s knowledge

L = Lead by example

E = Engage with the workforce

A = Allocate resources

D = Drive safety culture