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First aid training and courses are provided by WHS and Training Compliance in Perth for workplaces of all industries. For many people who are looking for a first aid course in Perth, we have always been the first choice. The trust we have earned from our clients, your faith and faith in us has helped us succeed, and we strive to provide you with only the best service possible. With us, you can be assured that your working environment would be transformed into a safe working environment without any hassle. Having worked in this field for years, our experts understand the individual needs of businesses and organisations. The rates for first aid training Perth are affordable, and the positive reviews and referrals assure you that you are choosing the right company.

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Have you ever tried to help someone who is having a panic attack or having suicidal thoughts? Are you familiar with how to help them? Would you say you knew exactly what to do when you came across such a situation if you had?

It would be helpful for you if you were to take a course on mental health first aid, particularly if you are concerned about someone who is suffering from panic attacks or suicidal thoughts. Lastly, these courses come at a lower price and at the end of the training program, you will receive a certificate for your efforts.

Here are a few tips as to how to help someone suffering from a panic attack

In panic attacks, the trigger is often something that triggers fear or anxiety. Maintain a calm attitude. The likelihood of suffering a panic attack is higher if a person suffers from depression, stress, or anxiety disorders. Helping a stranger requires asking the right questions and waiting for instructions.

Encourage them to take steady breaths. In a panic attack, they may feel like they are about to die. There is nothing that can intensify a panic attack in these individuals more than just being reminded of these fears. When you are a first aider, you need to calm the patient down by encouraging them to breathe slowly and evenly.

If the individual has confirmed that he or she has been experiencing a panic attack, offer them support. Even though they’re frightened and anxious, the panic attack isn’t fatal.

Make sure they know the importance of seeking professional help. In case the person has calmed down completely, ask if they would like to see a healthcare professional.

If you were in the position of helping someone who was contemplating suicide, what would you do?

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The first aid training Perth will teach you how to carry out these things in real-time. Until you help your friends overcome their panic attacks, you won’t know how much help you can be. It is not only them who might benefit from your first aid training, but also strangers, your family, and colleagues. Despite the fact that you may have to deal with the condition yourself, you can ensure the symptoms are minimized by being more strategic.

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