4 Workplace Habits That Need Rethinking

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Did you know that simple adjustments to your work routine can make a big difference to your health and quality of life? Employees have a habit of overlooking simple self-care practices because they see no life-changing importance in them. What they do not know is that healthy choices, no matter how small, are always valuable because they make up the strength you bring to work.

Thus, it’s time you rethink some habits. Are they making things any easier for you? Do you think they bring you long-term benefits?

To detail, below are examples of habits that need to die:

Sitting for hours straight. You need to get occasionally get up and stretch or take a brief walk because sedentary positions can leave you vulnerable to health issues like diabetes and heart disease. Make a conscious effort of incorporating small active movements into your routine to stay fit. It could be as simple as using the stairs instead of the elevator or taking the longer route to the break room.

Improper posture. Sitting for hours on end is bad enough, what more with an improper posture. Observing proper posture is not an extreme precaution but it can save you from the dread of aiding stiff necks and back pains. Also, make sure that your chair is at a proper height and your computer is at eye level, so you won’t struggle crouching or looking up. The small things matter.

Unhealthy snacking. When stressed, your body naturally craves for something sweet and greasy. While these things provide comfort, their benefits are temporary compared to the unwanted weight you may put on that makes you susceptible to health issues. Additionally, what you eat affects your brain activity. It might be harder to focus if you’re munching on junk. To completely avoid unhealthy snacking, only bring fruits, nuts, and sandwiches to work.

Forgetting to hydrate. Drinking water keeps your heart rate and blood pressure healthy. When you fuel up with water, your cells work better and so will you. Dehydration can affect your mood and energy levels throughout the day so if you’re one of those people who don’t actively seek a sip of H2O, then you need to be creative. There are apps and phone features that ring to remind you to hydrate. Maybe you can find those helpful.

Every employee must look after themselves to be in their best condition to serve the organisation. Conversely, businesses should do everything in their capacity to provide the safest working conditions for their workers. This can only be achieved through a solid Work Health and Safety implementation plan and a committee that’s dedicated to seeing it in motion.

WHS programs are meant to be comprehensive, covering not only technical safety protocols but also initiatives to increase mental health awareness through MHFA and anti-harassment training. Does your workplace have a complete WHS package? If so, how do you think are these helping look after your employees’ well-being?

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