• 7 Powerful Advantages of Building Resilience in Workplace

    building resilience, corporate resilience training programs, building workplace resilience, corporate training, resilience training
    October, 2021

    7 Powerful Advantages of Building Resilience in Workplace

    building resilience, corporate resilience training programs, building workplace resilience, corporate training, resilience training

    No one can avoid the challenges at work, but one can incorporate building workplace resilience in order to maintain good financial and organisational standing.

    Resilience is the ability of an individual to cope with the uncertainty and difficult times in a job or a business and skills to bounce back from challenges in the workplace setting.  Building emotional resilience can be applied to employees’ by improving their abilities to manage work-related conditions or interaction with all stakeholders within the business.

    What Are the Benefits of Building Workplace Resilience?

    Employees and managers can see challenges or tough situations as an opportunity for success. It makes all stakeholders confident, and be enthusiastic in their work. As a result, stakeholders improve how they respond, and overcome towards to challenges, frustrations, or adversities.

    This also creates a ‘can do’ attitude. Changes mindset of a team or an entire workforce. The importance of resilience can’t be taken too lightly and is beneficial to any workplace.

    One of the key advantages of corporate resilience training is the mental health benefit. A key takeaway in a recent report from Deloitte outlines that employer’s investment in mental health to help build resilience provides an average return of $10 for every $2 AUD spent.

    Resilience also helps to improve mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. As a result, self-confidence, positiveness and abilities of the employees are improved.

    1. Reduction in the number of absenteeism and presenteeism at the workplace
    2. Improved productivity with increased vitality, motivation, and concentration skills
    3. Reduction of risks associated with work-related stress
    4. Leads to compliance with Occupational Health and Safety requirements
    5. Improves staff morale and management skills
    6. Allow more work to be completed in less time
    7. Create a Life Development Plan for each employee and add their mission.

    Corporate Resilience Training Programs

    A sensible, effective, and efficient way to building workplace resilience is to adopt corporate training programs that will provide skills to identify, respond and to recover from challenging situations.

    Corporate leaderships and employees around the world face a wide range of challenges, both in the workplace and in business as a result of the recent global economic and pandemic crisis we are facing. Some organisations have been successful in overcoming this situation and even have turned this crisis into an opportunity. How did they manage to turn challenges to opportunities? Simple answer is they adopted strategies to improve employee resilience.

    Corporate training programs improve workplace skills, and one of the training programs that can be implemented is building resilience in workplace. Resilience training focuses on areas such as emotional, cognitive, and mental strength. Designed to improve an employee’s resilience by:

    • increasing their responses to challenges,
    • improving their ability to recover,
    • improve their quality of life, and
    • reducing stress and anxiety

    This Corporate Resilience training program is useful in many companies and organisations and it is based on major topics as below:

    Adaptability: Viewing a bad event as a challenge, an opportunity for learning and development rather than a problem is very helpful in building resilience.

    Positive Thoughts: When employees face a difficult time in their lives, they are more likely to have many negative thoughts that fall into their minds. A critical step in strengthening oneself is to avoid negative thoughts, they are experiencing. Encourage employees to turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts. This is as simple as considering the example of a glass filled with water, where instead of thinking that it is empty, we should imagine that it is at least half full and try to avoid negative thoughts. And a good way to turn a bad idea into a good one is to think of it as a challenge, a task, or a question rather than a threat.

    Set Goals: Big tasks can seem daunting or challenging. Employees can divide these tasks into smaller steps. When each step is completed it is the first step of achieving the goal. This method is useful by many managers and supervisors in building resilience.

    Self-Awareness: Employees who feel supported and motivated overcome obstacles easily and quickly. Listen to staff to find out what affects their health, safety, and well-being in your organisation and do what your organisation needs to fix and use to improve resilience and reduce strain on employees.

    Building Workplace Resilience Training should be integrated in the essential corporate training courses program for all employees and Supervisors and Managers who manage the projects and employees. This program will need strong:

    Commitment from Leadership: A learning and developmental process that focuses on building a strong work environment require leadership commitment for improvement within the workplace. Employees have many reasons to follow their leaders and the involvement of leaders can promote and enhance the effectiveness of this Resilience Training program.

    Workplace Welfare and Wellbeing Programs: Organisations should look to develop welfare and well-being programs that allow employees to be friendly. These results in a versatile decision-making, planning and processes to promote welfare and well-being and implementation for continuous improvement of these programs.

    As this corporate resilience training program will improve your company’s productivity, profitability and stakeholder relationships, ensure to have a company-wide statement showing support for mental health and wellbeing. While people cannot always control what is happening or how much work needs to be done, an organisation can develop the internal skills of its employees, so that they can be resilient and strategic in times of crisis.

    WHS and Training Compliance Solutions are offering Building a Resilient Mindset – TRACOM’s Corporate Resilience Training program.

    This Resilience training program will strengthen leaders and employees, present them how to discover opportunities within uncertainty. Employees will learn to identify and overcome their own negativity bias by changing their spontaneous thinking and finding effective ways they can engage with their team.

    We are providing our training programs onsite, online and public courses (Brisbane, Townsville and Toowoomba), We are also offering our program to all Australian state/territories, and international clients.

    Our program also has a multi-tier questionnaire and self-based questionnaire. Once all questionnaires are completed, you will receive a report outlining your strengths, and during the course our trainer will be going through your report and will work on strategies to work on your resilience.  This program is not just another training program. It will make a positive impact in your work and home life. Contact us for more information.

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