•  Amazing Strategies for Developing Resilience at the Workplace

    resilience meaning, developing resilience, developing a resilient mindset, developing resilience in the workplace, resilience in the workplace, resilience
    September, 2021

     Amazing Strategies for Developing Resilience at the Workplace

    resilience meaning, developing resilience, developing a resilient mindset, developing resilience in the workplace, resilience in the workplace, resilience

    Before we talk about developing resilience at the workplace, let’s look at the resilience meaning.

    Do you know what resilience meaning?

    Resilience meaning the individual’s ability to recover rapidly from difficulties, and bounce back.

    Resilience is the attribute of one being able to recover and adapt quickly from a challenging event or stressor at work. In other words, it’s a kind of inner strength. Resilience in the workplace can support the workers or employees to rise from the challenging experiences. Developing resilience in the workplace can also assist the growth and professional development of personnel.

    Developing a Resilient Mindset is a key strategy that helps employees tackle and overcome stress, competitive tasks, workplace conflicts, and address challenges on the assignments. Work is the number one stressor in the lives of most people around the world. Developing resilience in the workplace can improve business performance, reduce claims, reduce high staff turnover and improve the stakeholder relationships (clients, customers, internal staff).

    Most people consider themselves as being resilient when they think they possess the below characteristics:

    • Feeling confident and those who believe in themselves.
    • Always possess a positive attitude despite adverse circumstances.
    • Deal with equal poise in easy as well as tougher situations.
    • Devoid of negative attitude despite criticism.
    Let’s test ourselves: If your boss informed you that, you need work on your project as it is not up to scratch? What will be your response?
    1. I am stressed, I have so much pressure
    2. I hate my boss
    3. I will calm down and talk to my boss
    4. I am not paid enough
    5. I didn’t get training about project management, what do they expect!
    6. It is my boss’s fault
    7. Ask your boss why? And ask for assistance?
    8. Things will get better once I submit the project.

    Guidelines to developing resilience in the workplace:

    • Build genuine connections
    • Prioritise relationships in terms of quality. Connecting with empathetic and understanding people can remind you that you’re not alone in the midst of difficulties.
    • Be a good communicator
    • Improve your problem-solving skills
    • Improve your goal setting skills
    • Have gratitude
    • Help and support others.
    • Develop and maintain a proactive attitude.
    • Aim and move toward your goals.

    People who are developing a resilient mindset, are those people who have a firm belief in their ability, knows their strengths and weakness, are aware of situations, their own emotional reactions, and the behaviour of those around them. As a result of this, they can maintain control of a situation and think of new ways to tackle problems. Research has proved that resilient people emerge stronger after such difficulties.

    Developing resilience in the workplace

    It is a unique attribute and very much a personal journey that takes self-reflection, time, and practice. However, resilience can be moulded and motivated by team leaders and managers who can support an individual’s development by providing the right tools and resilience training. Organisational resilience is facilitated at the management level where the senior level also promotes organisational resilience, making it a work-wide culture. This reassures and motivates employees to commit their dedication to learn and develop their abilities to enhance workplace resilience.

    Check out our Developing a Resilient Mindset training program. We have a multi-tier assessment at this program. We will need 5 designated people from your workplace (5 will be enough, +5 results not will change). People that you have designated will be sent a questionnaire about your resilience at work, and you will be sent a questionnaire about your resilience. Then we will provide you a detailed profile about your resilience. During the 1 day training we will work on positive mindset, working on our strengths.

    We are certified trainer’s for TRACOM™© – Developing a Resilient Mindset.  Contact us for more information on Developing a Resilient Mindset, we can provide this program, online, onsite and in our public training programs. We are happy to travel across Australia. International clients are welcomed as this program is a fantastic training that will build on your existing skills.

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