Exactly why does a positive safety culture matter?

Learn how to foster a strong workplace safety culture and overcome employee resistance to ensure the well-being of your organisation.

Strong workplace safety culture is made up of ideas, opinions, attitudes, and personal beliefs that have to do with how an organisation performs. As a supervisor, you are responsible for ensuring the well-being and safety of the employees in your workplace. However, implementing rules and procedures alone is not sufficient to comply with legal requirements. It is also your responsibility to ensure that these rules are being followed. Resistance or complacency from your employees makes your job harder. We cannot undervalue the significance of having a safety culture within our organization.

You will meet your duty of care and provide peace of mind if you establish a positive culture where employees actively participate in health and safety. Strong safety cultures are self-sustaining, which is one of their greatest advantages. In the long run, your existing employees will need less supervision from you, as new employees will adopt safe ways of working.

It is not just lower injury rates that are the result of a strong health and safety culture. Employee wellbeing and productivity will both be higher in a workplace that feels safe and secure. Positive workplace cultures also result in more employees being committed to company goals and working well together as a team.

The safety culture at work: what is it?

Safety culture is made up of ideas, opinions, attitudes, and personal beliefs that have to do with how an organization performs. Human emotions and attitudes are frequently viewed as an ‘accomplished picture’ in these simulations. As the saying goes, it can be described as “the way things are done around here.”.

 A proactive workplace safety culture leads to improved work health and safety (WHS).  

You should ask yourself as safety leader?

  • Safety is important, but how important is it?
  • Do you think safety is important most of the time or all of the time?  
  • When it comes to safety, should we compromise if it is more expensive?

Developing and promoting managers who have the right knowledge, skills and attitudes to effectively carry out safety responsibilities is critical for companies that want to achieve a positive safety culture.

Culture of leadership and safety in the workplace

Employees’ actions and behaviour have a significant impact on the culture of safety when leaders and managers demonstrate which actions are rewarded, tolerated or disciplined.

The development of ownership can foster leadership qualities among all workers. Engage employees when developing safety tools such as checklist inspections and safe work method statements/job safety analyses. An individual who feels responsible for the task is more likely to comply

In an organization, good health, safety, and the natural environment have the following benefits:

  • The rate of incidents and risk has decreased significantly.
  • The risk of illness is reduced as a result.
  • Enhanced efficiency and productivity.
  • Staff morale and satisfaction have improved (low employee numbers).
  • A better public image and improved public relations.
  • The premiums on insurance were reduced.
  • Assist in reducing the likelihood of coercion.
  • Ensure high standards of health, safety, and environmental compliance.

Staff benefits from good health, safety, and a natural environment include the following:

  • A reduction in illness, sick leave, and disability.
  • Reduction of future illness risk factors.
  • Job satisfaction and morale are high.
  • An excellent level of confidence in the company.
  • Working conditions that are safe.
  • Review of operating procedures on a regular basis to ensure safety and well-being.

Strong workplace culture

Establishing policy and procedures to keep the workplace safe is easier when there is a clear and strong workplace culture. As a result, many organizations find themselves making mistakes when it comes to their security plans.

By establishing clear and robust workplace cultures, procedures and principles for keeping the workplace safe can be established.

How can we improve the work safety culture at work?

Change is brought about in the workplace by your leadership style. The leadership style of each individual will differ depending on their skills and experience, however, you may find that taking a transformational leadership approach could have a positive impact on your organization.

By inspiring, supporting, and leading by example, transformational leadership transforms the way employees think. Leadership that is transformational is characterized by involving everyone and coaching them towards a new mentality and behavior.

Transformative leadership can be adopted in a number of ways;

  • It is better to coach than to instruct
  • Focus on group interests rather than self-interest
  • Give praise rather than criticism
  • Instead of focusing on failures, celebrate success
  • Provide training, motivation, and encouragement
  • Collaborate to build trust and a sense of community
  • Encourage open communication by listening and listening well
  • Workers should be involved in discussions, risk assessments, and reviews related to health and safety.
  • Make sure you are open and friendly in your body language, tone of voice, and mannerisms

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