5 Impressive Benefits of Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Training

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5 Impressive Benefits of Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Training

Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) training is an essential aspect of any business. It not only ensures the safety of employees but also helps in reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. With the advancement of technology, online safety training has become a popular choice for many organizations. An online safety training platform provides a flexible and convenient way to educate employees on safety procedures. The benefits of WHS training are numerous and impressive. Firstly, it helps in reducing the number of accidents and injuries in the workplace, which can lead to a decrease in worker’s compensation claims. Secondly, it improves employee morale by creating a safe work environment. Thirdly, it enhances productivity by reducing downtime caused by accidents or injuries. Fourthly, it helps in complying with regulatory requirements. Finally, it ultimately leads to cost savings for the organization by reducing the expenses associated with accidents and injuries. Therefore, investing in safety training platform is a wise decision for any organization looking to prioritize the safety and wellbeing of its workforce.

Training is a systematised activity for developing the technical skills of the workers to empower them to do their jobs safely. In other words, training delivers the workforce ability to advance technical knowledge and to learn new skills.

Workplace Health and Safety Training

As the safety legislations advances and workplace systems and strategies changes. One of the best ways to develop safety knowledge and skills is through training. Getting employees exposed to appropriate, consistent and relevant safety training can assist businesses advance their safety and health performance and increase results.

Therefore, it is essential for employers and employees to align themselves with health and safety knowledge, skills, values and requirements. Safety training allows the employees to get accustomed with the safety expectations and also increase their knowledge and skills in safety and health.

Training also gives an opportunity for employees to grow their safety knowledge and improve their skills to become more productive.

There are several reasons it is important for employers to initiate safety and health training programs for their employees:

  1. Reduces Workplace Accidents & Injuries

The prime aim of WHS training is to prevent loss in terms of preventing illnesses, injuries, and damage in the industry. Legislation gives the business’s responsibility to provide safety training. It also protects the company from incurring costly legal costs due to non-compliance, accidents, worker compensation, and injuries. This also helps in gaining confidence with their workforce and preventing employees from leaving the work due to work-related illnesses and accidents.

  1. Enhances Productivity in the Workplace

Training can help create a safer work environment where employees can focus on their tasks without much worry about their safety and health, well-being. Raising awareness training can build value for the workforce to protect themselves and other people and property.  This enhanced focus will lead to higher work output and better-quality products, ultimately increasing productivity and profits.

  1. Boosts Workforce Morale

Employees who have undergone training often tend to be more satisfied with their employers and helps in building stronger and healthier relationships among employees and employers.

This bond becomes stronger as continuous improvement in health and safety grows resulting in boosting morale and productivity. Organisational success is based on retaining a skilled and loyal workforce. Employers who ensure that their employees are safe are also ultimately rewarded with loyalty from skilled workers. WHS training encourages the employees to be open to the communication by reporting the hazards, near-miss incidents, risks, suggesting risk control measures.

  1. Saves the Company Money

Accidents cost money to the organisation and in reality; indirect costs for the accidents are multiple times more than the direct costs due to accidents. Safety and health, wellbeing training keeps employees safe. This assists the company to save money in the long run. What this means is, employers’ organisational costs will decline. (e.g., decrease on following costs:  disrupted work schedules, lost productivity, clean-up, and repair, hiring and training replacement workers, time spent on accident investigations and insurance claims processing). Legal implications for non-compliance to safety can result in fines, penalties, lawyer fees for court cases. Another way WHS training can save money for organisations is by a reduction in insurance costs. Insurance companies revise their premium by an increase in the annual premium if they observe an increase in work-related incidents. WHS training by a reduction in workplace incidents can reduce the possibilities of more insurance costs.

  1. Enhances the safety culture of the organisation

Safety Culture is the measure of an overall employee’s opinions, shared perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs towards to safety and health. It is generally considered to be a ‘reflection of the feelings and attitudes of people. By giving employees WHS training, organisation is not only creating awareness of employees towards safety and health but also aligning people’s perception and attitude towards safety and hence enhancing the culture of the organisation.

WHS training is much more than the required compliance with the laws and in reality, has an array of advantages to bring out the best to achieve success for the organisation.

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