• Looking After Safety at Schools and WHS Training

    looking after safety schools, safety, WHS training, WHS
    April, 2019

    Looking After Safety at Schools and WHS Training

    looking after safety schools, safety, WHS training, WHS

    In this blog, we will discuss, looking after safety at schools.

    I keep on saying safety is your responsibility, and it’s up to you to stay safe. Every day, I seem to be the person making the decision to keep safe for others, when they should be doing it themselves. This afternoon, as I was rounding the corner into my street, a pedestrian with his shades on, beats on, head down and not a care in the world, just stepped out directly in front of me, even though I had the green arrow and he had a red do not walk signal. ABS technology and my reflexes saved this guy’s life. What amazed me, was he just put his head down and kept walking. He had absolutely no idea where he was, and what had almost happened to him.

    No more than 25 metres down the road from this encounter, 3 schoolgirls talking amongst each other just stepped out right in front of me as well.  They too had no idea they had come so very close to being run over. The only thing that saved them was they were wearing Hi-Viz School uniforms and this area is a construction zone and I was driving slowly. Why they felt the need to J walk, instead of crossing at the lights, I have no idea.

    What really gets me is that I had my ten-year-old daughter in the car with me. How do you explain to a ten-year-old that people should be responsible for their own safety, when all she sees is people taking risks they don’t need to be? How do you teach your kids to do the right thing, use the lights, watch out for cars and watch out for yourself? If you have the answer, please let me know. (Nick Lines, WHS Advisor)

    Risk Management and WHS Training at Schools

    Providing targeted WHS training specifically for the students and school leavers, will help the students to understand health and safety in the workplace.  This will equip the students with the knowledge of their rights and responsibilities, as well as giving them the information on how to identify the risks, report, be part of consultation process and control the workplace hazards.

    If you would like us to facilitate an interactive and fun WHS training within your school, do not hesitate to contact us.

    We are offering online, onsite, and Public classes on WHS for managers and supervisors and  WHS Committee. We can also customise our health and safety courses to your students.

    We are happy to assist you.


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