• Mobile phones and driving

    November, 2018

    Mobile phones and driving

    Hi all,

    My pet hate is people using mobile phones while driving. If I pull up next to a car and the driver is on their phone, I will always tell them to get off their phone. Usually, they will put their phone down and make an apologetic motion because they know they are doing the wrong thing and yet they still do it.

    In Queensland, driving while using a mobile phone held in your hand is illegal, even if you’re stopped in traffic. This means you can’t hold the phone next to or near your ear with your hand, write, send or read a text message turn your phone on or off, or operate any other function on your phone.

    You can be fined $391 and lose 3 points if your mobile phone is in your hand and is used for any reason while you are driving, including when you’re stopped at traffic lights or in congested traffic.

    Two weeks ago, a distracted texting driver was jailed for 22 months for killing her passenger when she crashed at high speed.

    Before you get into your car, turn your phone off and put it in the boot. Don’t be tempted to even touch your phone when driving, as it could be you who kills one of your loved ones, or an innocent bystander. No text or call is that important. Just don’t do it.

    Nick Lines (EHS Advisor).

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