Prerequisites for Effective Decision Making

Comprehensive prevention programs can create a safe work environment, reduce incidents, and facilitate a successful return-to-work programs.

Strategic decision making is considered as one of the most useful capabilities of an organisation for survival and success, they are mainly based on the goals or mission, and could take organisations into a new direction if rightly implemented.

It can be well-defined as selecting one alternative over all the others. This process implies there are various ways to complete a goal, and that one of these choices was chosen because it is the most feasible method of achieving success.

7-Step approach in Strategic Decision Making

There is a 7-Step approach in Strategic decision making, which has been very useful in the corporate world.

  • Understand investigate the situation in depth
  • Create a constructive environment
  • Explore good alternatives
  • Discuss and workout on options
  • Select the best solution out of the options
  • Evaluate your plan of action
  • Communicate your decision with the team and management and take action.

Thinking Preferences

However, a person’s thinking preferences influence our  capabilities, which can radically affect how a company chooses the right alternative. Did you know, when we are making decisions, we generally default to our preferred thinking style? Have you ever thought why different people facing the same situation will often reach very different conclusions?

In other words, thinking preferences have a powerful influence on everything we do, including communication, decision making, problem solving and managing styles. Firstly, The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) tool assist individuals to increase their performance. Secondly, increases efficiency by making individuals aware of their thinking preferences. Above all, this tool will help individuals to understand what is driving their and others decision making process. It will assist them to give more balanced decisions, by considering the consequences of their decisions.

Advantages of implementing HBDI tool 

Team contribution. Each member of a team will understand the value and contribution, and actively take part.  This will allow others to participate in varying perspectives.

Employee output. Individuals will provide their solutions based on different perspectives.

Improve communication. When individuals adjust their communications with their peers preferred communication, team communication will improve.

Strategic decision-making.  Teams will learn to speed up the process, give objective and productive decision making.

Achieving long-term goals. It is the process of following a course-based approach to achieve long-term goals and a longer-term vision of the organisation.

HBDI (Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument) is an ever-emerging tool to know the thinking preferences of individuals, in a pair and a group. HBDI can have a tremendous impact on the strategic decision-making of the organisation.

Contact us for your individual HBDI consultation. We will assist you to understand how your thinking preferences influence your decisions, to make more balanced decisions.

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