• “The wise instructor said”

    November, 2018

    “The wise instructor said”

    After completing my Cert IV in WHS, the last thing my very wise instructor said to me was communicate, communicate, communicate. This is most likely the best advice I have ever been given. Consultation in the workplace is enshrined in the WHS Act and effective communication is the best way to enable this consultation process. So why communicate?

    A PCBU has a primary duty of care to ensure the health safety and wellbeing of all workers. Effective two-way communication is one of the best ways to help ensure this duty of care in the workplace is achieved. So, what can you do to help ensure effective communication in your workplace? Just talking can be a great start. Talk to your teammates, colleagues, and even your manager about work practices or other issues you may be concerned with. An open and constructive approach to talking with your co-workers and managers about health and safety in the workplace should be actively encouraged. When was the last time you spoke up for safety? When was the last time you provided feedback on a safety issue at work? Communicating your concerns, sharing your ideas or views and talking about issues that affect you or your workmates is a step forward in ensuring positive safety outcomes in your workplace.

    Nick Lines – Bachelor of OHS

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