5 Reasons Why We Should Attend Training on Fatigue Management

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Fatigue is a devastating but commonly occurring medical condition that all of us have experienced at some point in our lives. it is considered as the state of feeling extremely tired, exhausted, or feeling sleepy. This usually occurs as a result of as insufficient or deprived sleep, prolonged mental or physical exertion, or extended periods of being in stress or anxiety.

Therefore, Online Fatigue Management training is one of the best methods that can assist workers to familiarise themselves with the hazards associated with fatigue and learn how to manage fatigue.

Major symptoms of Fatigue

Some of the symptoms are reduced alertness, inattentiveness, Indecisiveness, weakness, exhaustion, tiredness, lethargy, sleepiness, drowsiness.

Causes of Fatigue

Lack of quality sleep or disturbed sleep.  Average adult should sleep seven to eight hours every night. We should keep regular sleep habits, make sleep a priority and keep regular sleep schedules.

Time of the day. Humans are created to live in 24 hours cycles. Our internal body clock regulates our sleep, being sleepy and being on alert.  Our body clock’s strongest sleep drive is around 1 a.m. to 4 a.m. or the afternoon period e.g. 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. We should avoid performing dangerous tasks, and driving during these hours.

Sleep Apnea.  This cause is a medical condition, which stops your breathing irregularly throughout your sleep and disrupts the quality and quantity of the good sleep.  Many reasons contribute to sleep apnea being overweight, smoking, continuous positive airway pressure, anyone experiencing sleep apnea should contact their general practitioner for consultation.

Mental Health Problems.  Experiencing mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, or substance use problems, can contribute to our fatigue. Anyone who is experiencing stress, mental health problem should consult their general practitioner before our medical condition impacts our fatigue.

Not Enough Energy Source. Eating less, crash dieting, avoiding food or eating wrong food that does not fuel our body, can also cause fatigue. Healthy diet can assist us to control our fatigue. We should contact our general practitioner for assisting on healthy diet.

Did you know fatigue is a major cause of concern as it is one of the major causes of accidents occurring on the roads or workplace?

Fatigue can impair motor skills and coordination, ability to make informed decision and predisposition to risk-taking, falling asleep on the job while working, inability to deal with stress, poor communication, lack of sleep, and reduction in productivity. As a result, these can result in accidents causing injuries, illness, damage to property and damage to the environment, and damage to quality and productivity.

It is therefore very important for all organisation’s to implement fatigue management processes.

Did you know WHS and Training Compliance Solutions offers Online (Self-paced) Fatigue Management Training? This program is an alternative to onsite or classroom training.

Benefits of Online Fatigue Management Training

Online Fatigue Management training is beneficial for the employees to attend because of below reasons:

Flexibility. Online training timings can be arranged as per the timings convenient for the organisation so that it will not affect the work and also off-time of the employees.

Safety. Suitable to companies who want to reduce their expenses, does not want to expose their employees external hazardous outside their control.

Mobility.  Online training can be attended through desktop or laptop in the organisation’ s offices or at the residence of the employees.

Online Support. Online support is available for the candidates in case of any query or difficulty in attending the training session.

Information Retention. Online courses motivate employees to retain and remember the information with colorful and attractive images, video clips, and much more. Real-life examples and scenarios are also discussed to understand the concepts well.

For more information about online fatigue management training, contact WHS and Training Compliance Solutions. We also provide this training onsite. Contact our consultants for your training needs.

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