• Unleash Power of Influence with Strategic Communication

    health and safety representatives, HSR, HBDI Consultation. strategic communication, ThinkAbout™ Communicating
    September, 2021

    Unleash Power of Influence with Strategic Communication

    health and safety representatives, HSR, HBDI Consultation. strategic communication, ThinkAbout™ Communicating

    At its most basic, Health and Safety Representatives are the reflections of the health and safety culture of the organisation. They are the influencers, who endorses WHS communication and consultation, and heavily dependent on the involvement of people they represent within their workplaces. HSRs network with a variety of people from their work area, have a wide reach, and are essential to WHS communication.

    There is a lack of knowledge about what an influencer is. It can be defined as “a series of parties who exercise influence over the organisation and its potential customers and stakeholders.” Another person defines influencer as a “Someone who can shape the customer’s purchasing decision, but may never be accountable for it.” According to another, influencers is someone well-connected, can generate an impact, have dynamic minds, and are leaders”.

    Businesses, who pursue HSRs, aim to lessen their consumption of telling, and are willing to invest on their influencers more. Targeting influencers in a workplace, is seen as increasing WHS reach, counteracting an increasing tendency by employees to ignore WHS communication.

    Purpose of influencer driven communication

    We know the purpose of influencer driven communication, and we know that the ROI of this  initiative is measured by an action on the part of the target audience- employee participation. While an influencer driven communication strategy doesn’t diverge from that end goal, the stark difference is where it initiates. Where most communication strategies have to dedicate time to gather employee attention, influencer retains that level of respect and awareness with the employees they represent through regular workplace engagement, constantly delivering frank and honest interactions within their realm of WHS knowledge. Influencers offers the potential to unify WHS strategies, policies and procedures, and application of WHS Management system.

    Influencer driven communication is thus the process of identifying, researching, and engaging the influencers who create high-impact conversations whom they represent about your workplace WHS policies and initiatives.

    Power of influencer driven strategic communication

    Teamwork. Strategic communicating demonstrates a synergistic way of working with each other committed to working towards a shared goal. Good communication maximises the individual strengths of team members to bring out their best. Hence the leaders must facilitate and build the communication skills of their people if they are wanting to steer their company toward success. Efficient teamwork and strategic communication are responsible for the success of any business and wherever you find strategic communication, teamwork is always present. The role of a HSR is very much vital for the efficiency of teamwork by strategic communication.

    Commitment. Strategic communication enables HSRs to have WHS conversations that can ‘get through’ to employees who have different thinking styles to our own. Influential communication technique will assist teams to have a high level of commitment towards WHS goals. It will also maximise the individual strengths of team members to bring out their best in WHS.

    Knowledge. Strategic communication and related knowledge will increase their ability in understanding the WHS -Work Health and Safety legislation that will affect health and safety outcomes within the workplace. This, in fact, will enhance the knowledge and skills required to execute the principles of workplace consultation on health and safety matters.

    Purpose. Strategic communication is about developing and creating a plan to achieve the aims and objectives of the organisation, by making a framework of directions under able leadership. It gives the organisation credibility and constructing a narrative around the organisation’s thoughts and leadership. It emphasises what is important to the organisation and creates brand recognition. This can help to build the competency of leaders and helps to enhance reputation of the organisation.

    Cost. Organisations all over the world are spending a huge amount of time, effort, and resources in providing training and team-building exercises and communication techniques.  To make these team-building exercises successful, we have to know the behaviour and actions that are required for higher performance in teamwork.  One has to know the thinking preferences of others or their group and this is possible with strategic communication. To know the behaviour of the team, we have to know how the team member thinks as an individual and as a group.

    Engagement. This is where HDBI Consultation, assessment and Training on Strategic Communication (ThinkAbout™ Communicating) comes in. When HSRs understand how others communicate within their work groups, they can encourage workers, to ask questions about health and safety, raise their concerns, informs the employer about the health and safety issues, assist in health and safety controls, and be part of the issue resolution process.

    Powerful. Various daily WHS miscommunications can be fixed by simply changing the way we communicate based on audiences. Do you know  barriers to health and safety communication? Health and Safety Representatives are the reflections of the health and safety culture of the organisation and one of the elements vital in developing this culture is consultation and communication. Communication is vital to the organisation in maintaining and ensuring a healthy, safe, and productive work environment and supports the organisation in aligning towards their aims and objectives.

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    Our process is HSRs completes their HBDI assessment, understand Whole Brain Model and attends their HBDI consultation. Once this process is completed, HSRs can attend ThinkAbout™ Communicating (strategic communication) training.

    We have ThinkAbout™ Communicating (strategic communication) training scheduled across Brisbane, Townsville and Toowoomba. However, our bags are packed and ready to travel across Australia alternatively provide HBDI consultation ThinkAbout™ Communicating (strategic communication) training online.

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