5 Reasons to strategise corporate training according to your diverse team needs

Unlock the power of the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) profile survey to enhance organizational training programs and maximize efficiency.

Organisations spend hundreds of billions of dollars a year to provide corporate training programs worldwide but the big question is, is it worth achieving its goal. Employees of many organisations believe that corporate training in their organisations does not help them to achieve their skills. However, HBDI Profile Survey (Herrmann brain dominance instrument survey), and wholebrain model integrated training programs might be the solution? Did you know, only a quarter of employees believe that their corporate training improved their performance, and their efficiency?

Not only is it that most training in some organisations does not work, sometimes the purpose, time, and content of the training do not align with the goals of the organisations.

Below are the reasons why organisations may fail to achieve their goals in corporate training.

Team HBDI Profile Survey (Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument)

All organisations have diverse workgroups. The employees have different communication and learning styles. Employees with the different learning styles are clearly being left out of the training programs and those leading the corporate training programs aren’t making any effort to recognise the differences it may cause to communication and learning issues.

Strategy.  Today’s diverse working environment, everyone’s communication and learning style and channels are different. Employers need to understand what works best for different team members. This will involve finding out what your team is most comfortable with, and develop training programs by utilising different communication and learning styles.

Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument can be used to identify a targeted training program for immediate results. Using HBDI profile survey is a proven methodology with years of experience, you can take your organisation’s performance to extraordinary levels. HBDI profile survey, and Whole brain model integrated training programs maximise learning, makes corporate training interactive and fun.

We can work with you every step of the way, so that nothing is missed. We’ll assist you with the HBDI (Herrmann brain dominance instrument) profile survey, provide you strategic communication training with the appropriate topics, program length, and delivery model for your needs and budget. Once the HBDI profile survey and training is completed, you will be able to coach, and give feedback to your employees.

Limited Time and Critical Competition

Employees are always working to prioritise a list of tasks and meetings that are sometimes overwhelming, and training sessions often take the background of anything that directly supports the business health and safety goals.

Strategy.  Look for ways to simplify the training process. Record WHS staff training videos and make them available when required by employees so that they can review it as often as their schedules allow.

Lack of Interest

Many WHS staff training programs have a problem with lack of interest in employees whom fail to see the value or benefits of training courses in their success. Some employees may leave the sessions early or simply skip classes immediately if they find it boring or cheap.

Strategy.  Employees need to see how the training benefits them so that they do not fall short of their priority. Using video in training can provide you with intelligent data that helps you measure training success to improve content over time.

Limited budget and resources

Company coaches are learning to do more with less as the budget decreases year by year. We may know all the steps we need to take to make the training program a success, but we may need to adjust our budget.

Strategy.   In terms of the number of hours required to develop custom WHS learning skills for employees, creating instructional video content is much faster and more expensive. If you are trying to increase learning across your organisation while reducing costs, an online video training will help you do a little more.

Resources and Budget

To maximise resources available and reduce planning costs, it is common for companies to offer in-depth or longer training programs. The fact is that people cannot absorb and remember all that information at that moment, means that the course content will soon be forgotten and lost.

Strategy.   Explore small video-based training methods, which can improve both learning and retention. Producing short, memorable training videos that reveal a lot of information in 5 to 10 minutes is easy with the right video recording software. And best of all, when an employee forgets something shared in those lessons, he or she will be able to re-watch the video where needed to re-read it.

Lack of Planning

Lack of planning before training staff while they are starting their work and running it.

Strategy.  Make sure your organisation has the right tools for public reading. Employees actually read 20% of what they need to know in conjunction with feedback from colleagues, so make sure you make it as easy as possible for your teams to share their knowledge and learn it from their peers.

Lost Information

When employees do not apply the skills they have learned after training, it may result in learners forgetting the details of the training. New skills need to be added and utilised. Without a strategy to develop new skills after the end of the training, 90% of what your employees are trained for could be lost.

Strategy.  Create follow-up activities and assessments that strengthen the skills learned after the end of the training. Also, make sure that you make training materials available to employees through the knowledge base so that they can refer to training that they may have forgotten when they are ready to use it. Increasingly L&D teams record staff training videos and archive them in the searchable video library – this allows employees to not only visit the training as usual but also save the training team time by reducing the need to create written staff for non-employees. I can’t go to class in person.

Relying on Technology to Do the Work for You

Sometimes we want to believe that technology will solve all our training problems, but a mobile app or e-learning authorisation tool alone will not guarantee the success of a company training program. Choosing a technology that does not meet the company’s specific needs can also be a mistake.

Strategy.  Do a training needs test before purchasing new technology. The types of skills gaps you have within your organisation will mean much-needed technology to help enhance learning within your organisation. Look for staff training technologies that can support the formation of instructions for your important programs before, during, and after training.

Controlled learning, nowadays used by most organisations, emphasises the use of effort only when necessary, to improve outcomes, and to reduce waste; is short, affordable, and provides employees and organisations with a quick skills update.

Like small productivity and small start-ups before you, small learning supports the flexibility that gives organisations a cutting edge over other organisation.

WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd have designed and delivered customised corporate learning and development programs to organisations around Australia, serving a wide variety of sectors. Our clients have included federal government, state/territory local councils, lawyers and judges, small businesses, school and education sector organisations, manufacturers, agricultural organisations, military, and financial institutions.

HBDI Profile survey, youth mental health first aid refresher, YMHFA refresher, youth mental health, first aid refresherBe inspired by our highly trained, experienced and passionate facilitators. All of our instructors are professional instructors, and take pride in training our clients.  Our corporate training programs are flexible, delivered on your timeline and at a location of your choice. We can work with the challenges that your company faces, and can develop scenarios based on real time if desired, and build customised training that few other organisations are comfortable doing.

Our Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument Consulting services, help our clients to create better and more productive workplaces by empowering employees to face complex workplace issues and resolve difficult situations productively. By bringing together diverse work groups, you can enhance your employee’s potential, increase the bottom line, achieve new levels of alignment and cooperation, and improve your organisational performance across various departments.

WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd will go out of its way to make sure you leave the training with the skills you need to succeed.  Contact us for more information, check out our online training programs

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